Sunday, May 13, 2012

Daily Reminder # 663

Although he paid his usual call this afternoon - and still no birds have visited the porch - I thought it would be nice to take a break from all chipmunk all the time. The yard offered a few birds. The catbird came. I love catbirds. I don't know why but they are one of my very favorites. They seem "sweet" to me. Silly.  For the rest, it was an open windows day. Still doing lots of reiki. I'm having fun with the $50,000 tapping lady. I'm going to keep working with that and see where it takes me.  Other than that, I'm kind of uninspired again tonight.  Reiki doesn't exhaust me really, it just means my focus is kind of elsewhere and my time vanishes in a flash. 

I think I'll take the lazy road for my gratitude again tonight and instead of my long list, offer a short paragraph. I'm always so grateful for my two kitties Angel and Tara Grace, for their hugs and their sweetness, for their love. Grateful that they make me smile and sometimes make me growl. I'm grateful for my home and the views in both front and back yard. Grateful for birds and open windows and greedy chipmunks. Grateful for the gifts of modern living, electricity and refrigeration and microwave ovens. Grateful for beauty, for indoor plumbing, for the mobility that I still have. Grateful for possibilities that come in entertaining and enriching ways like the tapping video and the Healing with the Masters interviews. I'm grateful for my nieces and nephew and their families, glad that they are happy and healthy. 

Grateful for the ability to read and write and think, for the magic of the computer and google and games and communication. Grateful for friends and neighbors. Grateful for all the possible things - my winning lottery numbers and my PCH winnings and company and birthday parties and a all sorts of other blessings. I'm grateful for reiki and ability to participate in something so miraculous. I'm grateful for love and laughter and life and all the wonders of the Universe. And for the people who visit and read my words. Thank you.


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