Thursday, May 17, 2012

Daily Reminder # 667

What would I do without Neale Donald Walsch and his messages from God? Today's message is one we all should hear, I think.... and  not just hear but find a way to believe. Believing is the tricky part, of course.  I think that's enough from me. God speaks quite well for Him or Herself and needs no explication.  I would ask for your prayers for my friend Viviane in Greece, whose husband Dmitri just had surgery and for my therapist's wife Johanna and for my friend's kitty Red.  

On this day of your life, dear friend, 
I believe God wants you to know...

...that the world is so much brighter, 
so much better,because you are in it.

If only you knew all the gifts that you bring to others.
You would never feel sad again, but only rejoice in
how wonderful God has made you!

I would not say these things just to make you feel
good. The things I've said here happen to be true. 

Love, Your Friend....


I'm enjoying paragraph gratitude, though it does mean skipping my pre-gratitude list.  Presumably the Creative Forces of the Universe are capable of remembering it from day today without my constant reminders. Today I'm grateful for my home and for warmer weather (though it could have been a touch warmer) and open windows and blue skies and sunshine. Grateful for bird songs and the beauty of the view from my window and back door. I'm grateful for my little house. I repeat again my gratitude for the garbage man whose extra steps every week - he says it's nothing - make my life so much more possible and manageable. I'm grateful for Janet, the mail carrier who climbs two big hills, summer and winter to bring mail to my door. I'm grateful for Netflix and the availability of movies to my lonely life. I'm grateful for UPS and (got a package today). I'm grateful for my TV and my computer and all the wonders that electricity and modern life offer. I'm grateful for my digital camera that allows me to take lots and lots of pictures with no need to get them developed like we did in the old days. I'm grateful for computer games. I'm grateful for Margaret who helps with cleaning and grocery shopping and to the Office for the Aging that sends her once a week. I'm grateful for my refrigerator and my microwave and my electric toothbrush. Grateful for my beautiful Tibetan salt lamps and their soft orange glow. I'm grateful for eyes to see and the wonder of color. I'm grateful for my rock collection. I'm grateful for Angel and Tara Grace who give me a reason to get up in the morning and who give me love and sass and entertainment and hugs.  The smoke alarms went off twice today. I'm grateful that Tara copes with it pretty well and that Angel - who is terrified by the noise - seems to be handling it better each time it happens.

I'm grateful for Pandora Radio and the wonderful speakers my niece gave me so that I can listen and sing along and rejoice in the beauty of the human voice. I'm grateful for reiki and how it never stops being astonishing to me. I'm grateful that when I do reiki, I feel the presence of beings or energy or something beyond this realm of living, that I feel the power of love and how connected we all are to one another. That I FEEL the beauty that Neale Donald Walsch and God talk about in today's message. I'm grateful for food to eat, for cottage cheese and sesame chips and coffee and International delight, for lemon poppy muffins (really good). I'm grateful for water to drink and indoor plumbing through which to process it. I'm grateful for my grabber and for my chair/walker and my cane and the things that make it possible for me to get around with legs that don't work quite right. I'm grateful that those legs keep on holding me up ad getting me around despite whatever it is that ails them. I'm grateful for determination and resilience. I'm grateful for taste and touch and smell and hearing and sight. I'm grateful for breath and a beating heart and a functioning brain. I'm grateful for the ability to read and write and type and for the magic of words and poetry and literature. I'm grateful for my warm robe so I can keep the window open even though it's kind of way to chilly to do so. 

I'm grateful for Sam-e that helps keep big D Depression from taking me down. I'm grateful for my nieces and my nephew and their families. I'm grateful that they are so happy and healthy and successful and that they have strong families and a good relationship with one another. I'm grateful for my friends and my neighbors. I'm grateful for the anticipation of my new clothes dryer and my newer, bigger TV. I'm grateful for neighbors who wave when they pass by. I'm grateful for the remote control for my current TV and the mute button with which I can silence both commercials and annoying people. I'm grateful for paper towels. I'm grateful for coconut oil. I'm grateful for Healing with the Masters and the Tapping for $50,000 lady and for YouTube and Google and all those awesome things that cyber space makes available. I'm grateful for my mattress and for the sweet kitty who sleeps on my hip. I'm grateful for the boom box by my bed and the virtual stranger - a cyber friend - who sent it to me 12 years ago when I was leaving New York. City for Arizona. I'm grateful for possibilities and hope and imagination and resilience and.... I'm grateful that my life - while it has had it's fair share of pain - has also been studded with amazing acts of kindness and miracles. I know there's a lot I'm not thinking to put down in writing. I try to be - as Alan Cohen mantra goes - "grateful for everything."  As always, I end with three things that are pivital. Love, laughter and life. 

May We All See Ourselves Through God's Eyes -
With Love

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Wonderful photos and verse.