Thursday, March 26, 2009

Having a Tough Day

Happy Thursday, everyone. Apologies to Quilly today. I can't quite get my brain around her three words... was having a hard time finding a meaning for jibber, still not feeling too well. My left ear has now gone wonky. It's a little better than it was last night, but not great.

I seem to be in a trouble cycle. Battery on my smoke alarm died last night which meant it started beeping every 15 seconds or so. It's slightly out of my reach and last time it went off I had to knock it down with my cane. It was apparently ready for me last night because it refused to budge no matter what I did. Thank goodness for Nate. He came by and took it down for me. While he was here my left ear suddenly went funny. It's an ear that gets irritated sometimes but it has never done this before. It just kind of closed up... It seems a bit better but it still feels odd and I feel lopsided. Could be worse, I guess... and it IS getting better.

But that's not the big thing that has happened in a short 12 hours. Angel caught - and killed - a mouse last night. It's under the carpet outside the bathroom. She is holding vigil at the carpet. I'm holding in screams and panic and wishing it would go away by magic.

Besides all that, it's gloomy and chilly out today, supposed to rain later. I am feeling sorry for myself again.

Tomorrow it's supposed to go into the 50s. Yippee! And tomorrow is another day. Every bump in the road brings a gift so I'm sure my little mouse has one too.... Angel's happy. I guess that's a gift. Nate figured out what was wrong with my printer while he was here helping me with the smoke alarm, so that works again.

I guess I can use these little crises are wonderful reminders about how blessed I am. How kind and generous my friends are, how resilient my body is even though it has it's moments of trouble. I've always had really good hearing. Having an ear out of whack really makes me appreciate how nice it is to have two of them.

And yesterday there were robins, lots of robins, making clear that Spring is really here... even if I'm sitting here shivering and the flowers haven't shown their faces yet. They will do so any day now. Everything cycles.

One last thing... I was going through my email and got an undeserved thank you from something called Galaxy Zoo. I signed up last year but have failed to keep up with it. As an atonement for my guilt, maybe I can get some other people to sign on. It's fascinating and kind of fun. They teach you how to differentiate between different categories of galaxy.... and you and 150,000 or so other people help them classify the photos. It's not an exact science so the more responses they get the more it helps them decide on how to classify something. It's kind of fascinating.

That's it from me. Pray for me and my ear and the dead mouse. One thing about times like this... things are bound to get better.

9:00 PM - Evening Update: Thank you everyone for your kind good wishes, prayers and reiki. My ear feels GREAT this evening. My next door neighbor came over and generously disposed of the little mouse. My little home and it's chief cook and cat tender are much happier than we were this morning. In response to questions as to why Angel didn't bring me the mouse - I think it got enough away from her under the little area rug that she couldn't get to it. I have no doubt it would otherwise have joined me in bed. Yuck. Thank goodness for small blessings... and big ones.


Dianne said...

it's awful when you feel lopsided! it makes everything an extra effort - do you have meds? or drops?

Angel did what a cat does with a mouse, I can picture her standing vigil!! my brother's cat used to find field mice and bring them to me - which is a compliment but a bit hard to deal with

hang in there! sending hugs to you and Angel and the mouse :)

Akelamalu said...

Hope your ear gets better quickly Raven. Will the cat eat the mouse???? :(

Sending you Reiki m'dear. x

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear oops I mean read about your ear problems. Raven, I have had ear problems my entire life and I talk so loud I never need a megaphone (just ask Quilly and OC)

I think you will have to ask Nate to take the mouse away. Don't most cats when they get their prize mainly just love the fact that the got it and just leave it there? I dunno...hopefully he will eat it. But good for you, one less Jerry to worry about.

I have gone thru the same thing with our smoke detectors. Finally I have just taken the damn things down. They are a pain in the ass. Don't tell anyone I said that.

Looks like spring is coming to you from the picture. It's wonderful. Have a great day and keep thinking positive.

Elle said...

Truly funny! NOT your pain however...some days we are the fat cat and other days the tragic mouse...I have what my kids believe to be a possessed smoke detector...I feel your pain! and your hope...THANK YOU for sharing the experiemce! Thinking many happy thoughts for you today.

Nessa said...

Life does go in these cycles. I hope you feel real better real soon.

Melli said...

Sounds to me like your ear is feeling jibberish! Your smoke alarm was on queachy ground, and Angel is feeling a bacchanteous JOY over her catch! (well, I bet it IS a word!)

Hope your ear feels better soon! That really is quite annoying! I have ear issues a lot... NOT fun!

Bron said...

Sympathies about your ear. I was sick two months ago where both ears kept closing up and it is a really horrible, horrible feeling - all clogged up and claustrophobic. I hope it goes away quickly.

I must say that that is a really cute picture of the squirrel!

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Raven,

I'm glad to see you can still look for the silver lining in the clouds. I hope you get better soon. I'm under the weather too so we shall see who gets better first.

Hugs, Euphoria

Anonymous said...

I wish I was there. I would take the broom and dustpan and make short work of that mouse!

I have, indeed, said a prayer for your ear -- and for a friend to traipse by and dispose of the mouse!

No need to apologize for skipping my 3WT, look how long it's been since I did a Wordzzle! I am home sick today so I am going to take a pad & paper to bed with me soon and contemplate this week's words.

peppylady (Dora) said...


Carletta said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling up to par Raven. I hope your ear problem goes completely away very soon.

So Angel won't let you near the mouse? I'm surprised she didn't bring it to you!
Love your Robin shot - you did well.
Take Care. I'm going to check out Galaxy Zoo.

TommyMac said...


Longtime follower/first time poster.

Just wanted to drop you a line in the hopes that you'll feel better soon.

Felisol said...

Dear Raven,
I come one day late, but I have sent up my prayers anyway.
I Think you can do with some extra puff.
The last days I too have experienced my world to be very fragile.
We do all we can to make our lives secure and foreseeable, I do, I know.
When something happens cracking up our walls,the globe suddenly is out of its orbit.
(With me it was a short travel, where Gunnar crushed his nose bone colliding with a window.)

Fragile hurts. Life hurts.
I once spent all day upstairs because sweet cat Citrine had brought two dead mice in our lower living room floor. My sister-in-law told me, but could not bring herself to throw them away.
Boy, was that long hours till Gunnar came home from work.

I sure know that paralyzing panic.

I'm also familiar with a hurting ear when I've been too brave for too long. The jaw muscles are all in a knot.
Your warm hands will loosen and soothe the place.
You of course give Reiki to yourself as well?

I think Nathan means "Gift from God". Your Nate sure is.

I am afraid it's true; I am a bit catty, like yours, not evil.
When threatened I first hiss, then use claws.. for protection.
I never killed an animal or a human. Insects..yes!
And mice and rats scares me.
I make Gunnar get rid of them, if they're in the house.
Luckily I have not seen a rat in thirty years. Hope I never will anymore.
I'm perfectly aware they live down in the sewer though.

What a nasty theme for even a catwoman like me.
The spring is here right outside my kitchen window.
I better have some work done.
From Felisol