Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Another Photo-less Update with Photos

It's driving me crazy not to be able to share photos of the progress in the kitchen. It's looking SO beautiful. You wouldn't believe how gorgeous the cabinets are. The drawers slide in and out with such ease. There's one with a turntable in the corner. The one where the microwave will go has shelves that slide out. The little knobs are beautiful. And I can reach the upper cabinets. I can really reach them! There's probably 20 or 30 times as much storage as I had before and I can reach all of it! Can't wait to share photos.

Yesterday someone came and measured for the counter-tops. Making them takes two weeks (one if I'm really lucky). Today they are due here in about an hour to put the linoleum down. I'm so excited!

Nate and Dan came by last night to see what's been done. Nate took my camera and is going to take it to Best Buy the next time they go to Binghamton. He thinks it's just a stuck lens and may be easy to repair. I hope so, though now my craving for a 12 megapixel, 20x zoom is raging in my blood. Anyway, we have an Inkspot meeting on Thursday, so Nate is going to charge his camera up and hopefully take some photos... or let me take some. So if all goes well, I'll be able to share photos with everything but the counter-tops fairly soon.

That's the news. It's a beautiful morning here. A little cool, but beautiful. I'll be glad when the linoleum is in and I can have a week off from strange people stomping around... and I'll be really glad when I have a kitchen sink again and a the refrigerator and microwave move back where they belong.

For old time's sake: Some pictures from before the great camera tragedy.

Happy Wednesday!


Dianne said...

love seeing the girls :)

the cabinets sound wonderful!!! Hope is taking over so much storage space here that I think I might be storing all my groceries in a bag in the basement LOL

storage space is so luxurious

hope the camera is better soon :)

Unknown said...

Those photos certainly added to my Wednesday ahppiness. Thank you.

quilly said...

Of course, now that you don't have a camera so I can see the renovations, I am twice as anxious to get a look at them. ;) Human nature is an odd thing.

Melli said...

Well I'm not TWICE as anxious -- I'm JUST as anxious as I always was - and I'm VERY glad to hear that Nate is going to bring HIS camera so you can show us! I think this Nate is a real CHARM! I do!

I'm sO happy about your cabinets and that you can REACH them all! That is just waaaaaaaay cool! I thought the upper ones still looked a bit high in the last pictures... but I'm glad to hear that I'm misjudging things!

So... CHEERS! Here's to linoleum ... and Nate's camera! (and Nate!)

Janie B said...

How nice of Nate! He knows we are all anxious to see the remodel. It really sounds beautiful. So happy for you.

Ms. Fiddlesticks said...

I sure hope that camera is an easy fix. Really looking forward to seeing your kitchen. Soon you will be the boss of your house again. Yea.

Carletta said...

Give Nate a hug! :)
It all sounds so wonderfully beautiful. As it gets closer to completion I'm sure you're beside yourself with anticipation.
The kitties are always lovely and look at that vulture shot - whoa!