Sunday, October 04, 2009


My camera broke! WAAAAAHHHHH!

Shannon took it next door to take pictures of her new kittens. Batteries went out. She came to get the charged batteries. One of them was bad. I think it shorted the camera. Anyway, the lens is stuck and the camera won't work. I am very sad. How will I take pictures of my new kitchen? How will I take pictures of my niece and my newphew-in-law-ish when they visit in November? How will I live?

Hopefully, it can be fixed at a reasonable cost. Agggh. And poor Shanon feels awful like it's her fault even though it isn't.


Also on today's list of traumas. Angel broke through the plastic to the kitchen. Now she and Tara are spending time in there and Angel is bringing back odd gifts. And they guys who worked here left the light on in my bedroom closet (where the fuse box is). I can't get in there (at least not without some risk to my health and well being), so I'm just wasting electricity until they come back tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day. Thank you for everything. I have no complaints whatsoever. Just needed to vent. Pray for me and my camera, please. I can't not have a camera and buying a new one is so out of budget.... Waaaahhhhh.


quilly said...

Oh Raven, I am so sorry to hear about your camera. That sounds like just what my old Kodak did -- just shorted out and died, half-cocked.

Janie B said...

Oh, no! No pictures?!! That would be a terrible crime. You've got to get it fixed. Wish you the best of luck.

CJ said...

Someone just asked me what five things I couldn't live without. My camera was one of them. You may be able to find an inexpensive used one on eBay until you can have yours repaired. My camera seems to be eating up batteries. It's about 6 years old. I wanted to get the same model because my accessories will fit it. I found a buy-it-now on eBay for $60 +$7 shipping. There are several for far less if I don't get outbid. I think I paid about $375 when I first bought it.

Carletta said...

I sure hope it can be fixed easily. Make sure the batteries are really fresh. You said one was bad. You did change both right?
I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Melli said...

Aiy yi yi yi yi.... I can sO relate! I AM praying for you AND your camera! God DOES care about such things! We shall see! I hope it is VERY cheap to get fixed!