Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Note: Jay Simser of Bailey's Buddy has wisely pointed out that this is the last year of the decade, not the start of a new one. I'm way too lazy to rewrite this, though, so... It had occurred to me at some point but then I forgot. Happy New Year.

Note #2 - Melli has pointed out that Jay (who is very wise and seldom wrong) is incorrect in this instance. Counting starts with 2000 and 2009 is the 10th year in that cycle, so that 2010 actually begins the new decade.

We have begun our New Year/Decade here in Hancock with snow. Not too much, though - at least not yet. It's snowing again so we may be moving past my "tasteful" snow limit. Yesterday's storm put down slick slippery stuff. Mercifully, Margaret, who comes every 2 weeks to help me out was able to make it because we were out of crunchies. Tara Grace was on the verge of a break down. Three days without her bedtime treat was making her very cranky... And my guilt level as she stared at me with disbelief each night was pretty intense.... I'm glad we are resupplied and not starting a whole new decade with distraught felines. Happy kitties followed me to bed last night. Phew!

Yesterday, I visited Melli's Insanity Prevails blog. She talked about the history of her decade from 2000 to 2010. Made me think. My life has changed so much in these ten years. I left NYC, spent time in AZ, came back east and went through 4! moves... this after 33 years in the same place in NYC. I've lost old friends and made new ones. I have my own home, something I never thought could happen - especially after becoming disabled. This year alone, my sweet little house has had it's own miracles. My new bathroom is cool, but the kitchen.... what can I say about the kitchen. It's a miracle every time I step into it.

My first two kitties - Katrina and Abigail - both died in this decade. Katrina was with me for 17 years and Abby for 21. They saw me through my sister's murder, the death of my parents, the loss of my independence. Abby traveled with me to AZ and back to New York State. And now Angel and Tara Grace keep me laughing (and sometimes yelling in Angel's case).

The last two sixths of my life have been full of so much pain and loss - my sister, my parents, my ability to really walk further than across a room... yet they have been a time of great growth too. I'm hoping that the next decade will offer me growth and learning with a bit more gentleness than the past two have done, but life will be what it is, so I guess I'll just wait and see what the future brings. In the meanwhile, I wish you all a New Year and Decade rich in love, beauty, abundance and all good things.


11 comments: said...

The old "school teacher" in me just has to point out that 2010 is a part of the old decade. You have to finish it before you can start the next one. Happy New Year anyway.j

Raven said...

Jay - thanks... that thought had occurred to me at some point, but then I forgot. Sigh. Hope your New Year has started off well... and that this end (not start) of the decade is a great one.

Melli said...

Actually, I believe that this IS the beginning of the new decade. The old began with 2000. And therefor the New begins with 2010. 00-09 is 10 years! Thus a decade. 2010-2019 will be the 10's, and 2020-2029 will be the 20's. So I think you were right the first time!

You have had a lot go on the last 10 years also... good and bad... as we all do. I'm glad there was so much GOOD this past year! I hope you will have even MORE good to happen in the next 52 weeks!


quilly said...

But there was no year 0, so 2010 is the end -- but let's not nit-pick. The past 10 years has had much good and less bad -- but often the bad is so bad that the good is forgotten.

Here's to 2010 being a year of emphasized good.

Happy New Year, Kathryn, to you and your "girls".

Felisol said...

Happy New Year to you, Raven.
May it be a wonderful year with more laughter and light than you ever dreamed of.
Think BIG!
From Felisol

NanU said...

I think you're allowed to start or finish a decade any time you want. There are those who stick with No Year Zero (technically correct), and those who group similar numbers together 00-01-...-09 (socially correct). But really. A decade is a period of ten consecutive years. Your birthday 2006 to the day before your birthday 2015 is a decade. Just ask any 10-year-old.
Have a good one!

Unknown said...

Lovely post, as always...and that last photo is just incredible!!!!!

Happy New Year, my friend, Happy New Year!!!

Luna said...

i've been following your posts for awhile but have never for the new year i'm making my first comment! i love the photos that you include with your posts, thank you for those. and happy new year to you, as well.

Akelamalu said...

We've had snow too. :(

I hope the new year is a Happy and Healthy one for you m'dear. x

Maude Lynn said...

Gorgeous pictures!

I hope that your 2010 is blessed and fabulous!

Carletta said...

Hi Raven,
I haven't had time to reflect on the last two weeks little alone the whole last decade! LOL!
I do hope this year continues to bring you all good things.
Heidi is so mad at us for leaving her. In the middle of the night last night she was crying and crying and I had to yell her name to get her to stop. I so needed my sleep - cats, sometimes!!!! :)