Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 132

It's week 132 of the Weekly (formerly known as "Saturday") Wordzzle Challenge.  Sorry to be posting so late. In the grips of the blahs. The blahs and then some. I don't think these were really such difficult words but I just had an awful time with them and I hate what I came up with. Be prepared to doze off when you read them. Sorry. Hope others had better results than I do.

This week's 10-word challenge was: cranes, bananas, red-headed woman, hunger, parachute, scratch, sanity, microphone, long distance, you've got mail  and for the mini: popular, pregnant, turtle, basket, present

My mega:

I face the daily "you've got mail" message with some trepidation these days.  Today there were 50 new ones. Of course I don't mind the daily reminder from The Hunger Site or Care2, but some just leave me scratching my head and wondering what about people's sanity. Today there was one with a link to a video for a popular phone company. It featured a pregnant red-headed woman wearing a dress decorated with cranes  and turtles and attached to a parachute. She was holding a microphone and talking about long distance phone service. If you signed up for their service, you would get a basket of bananas as a present. I crossed that company off my list, though I do have to admit, I'll probably never forget that particular video.

My 10-word:

At the talent show, the worst performer - my uncle would say "she was from hunger" - was a red headed woman who came on stage with a pet monkey. She grabbed the microphone and went on to tell a long, rambling joke about a crane wearing a parachute. She wasn't even a little funny but seemed blissfully unaware that nobody was laughing. She had a couple of catch phrases that she would repeat randomly throughout her act. "Long distance," (I later found out that this was the monkey's name) she would shout,  "You've got mail." and the monkey would scratch his head and hand her a banana. She had kind of a glazed look on her face through the whole awful performance and I really thought someone should have questioned her sanity. The monkey, on the other hand, was pretty clever and might have won the show if he had been a solo act.

My  mini:

One year instead of giving me baby chicks or a bunny, my Aunt Matilida - the family eccentric - gave me a pregnant turtle in a basket as my Easter present. She told me having a pet turtle would make me popular. I loved her and carried my turtle with me everywhere for a while but the plan backfired and I ended up being known as Turtle Boy, a name which stuck to me throughout my school years. It was not only terribly disappointing, but the end of that innocent time in which I thought Aunt Matilda knew everything there was to know. I still loved her, though. She meant well and she always made me laugh.


Words for next week's 10-word challenge are: defensive, volume, masterpiece, category, momentarily, advisor, public radio, charter, eleven days, ostrich

And for the mini: gargoyle, flounder, screech, Saturday evening, locked up

Thank you for playing! Newcomers can check here for some guidelines (and they are only guidelines, not rules) to make the process more fun.

Enjoy! See you next week!


Argent said...

I think you did very well with the tricksy words this week. I love the idea of the woman with the monkey - that act would do well here. I've been in bed with a cold all weekend so will be posting Harold a bit later.

The Bug said...

I should have just copied & pasted your first paragraph onto MY wordzzle! I had all kinds of extra blahs this weekend. I even skipped church (& remembered this morning that I had a part in the service - oops!). Anyway, thanks to my boss for leaving early, I'm finally up.

I really like the monkey one - I could just picture it happening. I wonder if the monkey was secretly Harold?

Argent said...

Nah, Harold's rubbish at shapeshifting and Teatime would never lower himself to such tawdry amusements :-)

Speaking of which, I'm finally up!