Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Compulsive Behavior

Well, I almost broke my promise to myself to post something every day. Why? Because I am being compulsive. I mean desperately, tragically, soul-suckingly compulsive.

I discovered a while back that Onespirit.com offers free trial downloads for games. What makes this particularly wonderful is that the timers don't work, so you can play for as long as you don't turn the computer off. Right now I am obsessed with Aveyond I: Rhen's Quest. I am fighting monsters and exploring and having an irritatingly hard time making progress. I have rescued one out of 8 (yes 8!) Druids, from demons who have frozen them. It feels like very slow going, but how can I leave 7 stranded Druids and a world in peril? I must persevere until the benevolent (or perhaps not so benevolent) gods who have given me this free game, decide to take it back.

Meanwhile, I have to keep this short. There are Druids and elves and fairies to be saved. And of course there is also me to be saved. I have to finish so that I, too, can be set free. Wish me luck.


Linda Murphy said...

Hmm, I will have to tell Tom about that one. He is into computer games, especially druids, elves and all.

Good luck!!!

Raven said...

It's kind of dorky in some ways, but it's pretty difficult. If you're a member of OneSpirit book club, you can download a demo and play until your mind explodes or you have to turn the computer off.

I'm such a junkie.

Cindy said...

I need to download those games. I still need to buy a system so I can get Zelda.

Diana said...

I lost 4 months of my life to Abe's Odyssey when I first got my computer. I never did get all of my little friends out of that evil factory.

Raven said...

Cindy - Zelda is the best game ever in the universe... in my opinion. Diana I've never heard of Abe's Odyssey. I'll have to check it out if I every escape Aveyond. Aveyond actually reminds me a little bit of Zelda. I think I might have to break down and buy it because I'm nowhere near done and I don't like leaving my computer on 24/7. I've been turning the modem off at night. I've still only rescued one Druid Priest - but I have made significant progress this morning. I think I'm on the way to freeing my second one. If only it were this easy to get Bush out of the Whitehouse...

I Love You both,
Aunt Kathie

Dianne said...

I'm not so great with the adventure type games Raven but I do spend a bit too much time on pogo.com where I pop baloons and play mah jong and silly stuff like that - it breaks up the craziness from hours of data entry and spreadsheets.

I say that if you enjoy it then don't count the time.

And blog when the spirit and the words move you, it doesn't have to be every day unless that makes YOU happy.

Good luck, please save the universe LOL

Raven said...

Hi Dianne, (I remembered the 2nd "n")

I have to admit that I too have done time at pogo.com... and shockwave.com and...

I think I like the adventure games because as a shut in, it kind of gives me a vicarious life.

As for posting, I won't force myself... it's just that it was 18 months between my first two posts and these recent ones and I want to make sure I work up some momentum before I ease up on myself.

I will no doubt run out of things to say and that will silence me soon enough.

Dianne said...

I doubt you'll run out of things to say Raven - you have such a huge heart - just look at all the animal posts and the lovely poetry.

I know what you mean about momentum - I work so hard that I often feel guilty about doing things I enjoy - like writing so I too have been making sure to take the time to post.

Just want to make sure we both remember to enjoy ;)

Raven said...

Thanks for the kind words, Dianne. My problem is the opposite of yours. I don't work hard enough and it's too easy for me to let inertia set in... I should have written six novels by now but have written nary a one. Maybe posting something every day will get me going.