Thursday, February 14, 2008

Poem of the Week


I too am called by inner voices
But don't know how to answer
Having grown apart from earth and sea
Yet still there is a longing with the seasons
To move
To be released again
And go unerring
Like geese against the sky
Toward some unknown
Stronger than dreams
Though woven of them
It is a primal call
But not a wild one
Heavy with the scent of fading flowers
And after rain
An empty silence
That longs to be filled
With wind-songs and greenness
And something lost

- Katherine E. Rabenau


Dianne said...

That is lovely.

Cindy said...

so very pretty.

Linda Murphy said...

Beautiful words and I reread it twice thinking differently each time. I really like the first two lines...which is how I keep re-interpreting.

I am looking forward to more poems...I love them!

Raven said...

Thanks Dianne, Cindy... I'm always nervous about putting my poems up and look forward to responses for them more than anything else, though I am a sort of compulsive checker...

Thanks Linda, I look forward to more of your poems too. It's sort of scary posting them, isn't it? But it feels good, too.