Monday, May 25, 2009

An Amazing Surprise!

Isn't he (she?) just too cute peaking over the stump like that?

Had a lovely day yesterday. The weather was beautiful and I had a nice chat with an old friend from New York (it was her birthday) and then my friend Sue asked if I'd like some company so we visited for a while and then Nate and Dan called and said they were going to bring me a new (well new to me) sofa and chair! Yep! The sofa I've had is one I found on the porch when I moved to Callicoon. I made it less uncomfortable by getting some foam and putting it inside of a couple of think sleeping bag things. It wasn't awful to sit on, but it wasn't exactly inviting either.

I've always wanted recliners... so now I have a sofa with twin recliners and a recliner/rocker chair. I just tried the chair out and it's SOOOO comfortable. The only hitch is that I had a really hard time getting up out of it, so I'll have to work something out so I'm not afraid to sit in it. Angel loves it, though. Oh - and they also brought a beautiful coffee table! So anyway, my house is much classier than it was yesterday morning. My big chair from the living room is in my bedroom now, which is really nice. The sofa I had before is in the guest bedroom now and the yucky mattresses are in the storage room until I can get them taken away. How amazing is that? I suppose I should have tidied up before I took the picture, but...

On Wednesday, the man from Delaware Opportunities is coming again to look at the kitchen with a "designer." How cool is that?

Tara Grace love the new sofa. If you look closely at the photo above, she has blended herself right into it. Angel prefers the new chair.

That's my story.

Adding some more critter photos.

One other thing.... I'm worried about my beautiful hasta which seems to be feeling poorly. I tried to look up diseases for hastas and nothing I read seemed to fit what's going on... and then there's the big tree in the back - see the funny scoring marks on it? Do any of you wise folks out there have any idea what's happening to my beloved growing things?

Happy Memorial Day!
May all our soldiers come home soon and safe and may we never again have the need to send young people to fight and die.


Akelamalu said...

What a nice surprise you had. Love the photos. What creature is that in the picture at the top of your post? :)

Raven said...

He's a woodchuck also know as a groundhog. Isn't he just too cute?

Fun with Bo said...

Plenty of friends for me to chase! What a lovely area. ~Bo

Unknown said...

He/she is a delightful little creature! You are blessed to be surrounded by so much of nature.

DawnTreader said...

Very cute! Do you keep your eye glued to the camera all day, or do these creatures just come begging you to take their picture?!

Batteson.Ind said...

Love the woodchuck! Wish we had those over here. Good news about the new furniture.. We always manage to get the old stuff from various relatives or friends. We haven't spent a penny on any of our furniture.
Happy memorial day to you!-)

SouthLakesMom said...

I agree with Dawn Treader - your timing must just be magnificent!

About the hostas, we can't keep them healthy here because deer think they're the salad course. About the pine tree, no clue!

Unknown said...

so glad to see your wonderful new furniture! good for you! you certainly deserve it!

the marks on the hosta could be frost...we had some hard late frosts this year...and if there wasn't so much of it, I'd think those marks on the tree were bird poop...but that would be a LOT of bird poop!

been working in our back yard/back will soon follow...must get back to work.

Melli said...

Your little groundhog IS adorable! We have a family of them too... but they don't show themselves TOO often!

I would say YOU are mighty blessed to have Dan & Nate!!! That was AWESOME nice of them! Your new stuff looks really nice!

MonikaRose said...

Hi, cute he/she is, love your other shots, beautiful cat and bird, have a fab day :0), check out my jewelry set, new for today in my etsy store..cya MonikaRose

Akelamalu said...

Ah, I've heard of groundhogs but we don't have them over here. :)

Felisol said...

Dear Raven,
I'm so happy for you living in such nice surroundings.
Even a groundhog in the "family".
You have made it a small kind a paradise garden.

Also congratulation with the new furniture.
Nice colors and comfortable looking.

Nate and Dan have become real good buddies throughout the years.
A blessing in itself.
Then I know you are a blessing to them too.
Even over the sea reaches your Reiki.

I love happy stories now and then.
From Felisol

Deborah Godin said...

Love all the photos - I don't know about hostas, but I know a woodchuck caught in the act of chucking wood when I see one!

moosh said...

Your surrounding look like paradise. So many creatures come to you must be your vibe.