Monday, May 11, 2009

Inane Thoughts and Some Mediocre Photos

Peace has returned to my little kingdom. We have crunchies again. Oddly I don't know if it was the Dread Pirate Tara the Gray all on her own or our combined obsession with the crunchy shortage, but we now have something of an over abundance. You see, Shannon was visiting the other day and her father dropped by to say he was going to the grocery store and asked if I'd like anything. A small box of crunchies, I said. He came back with a huge bag which he refused to let me pay for. Then Nate came by yesterday with another huge bag... Now we have two... and of course I had gone into panic mode when Dan didn't bring them and ordered a huge bag on-line, so now between us, Tara Grace and I have manifested enough crunchies to keep her happy for a long time. My new worry (what is life without worry?) is that they will go bad before they get eaten. Sigh.

It remains outrageously chilly here. It's 45 degrees as I type this and I'm back into my winter clothes which is frustrating. But it looks like Spring. A bunny visited the other day. There are a few bumble bees (still worried about them but hoping they'll come out in force when the weather warms up). The woodchuck seems to prefer hanging out next door out of camera range. I did see my first Baltimore Oriole on Saturday (he'll show up for Ruby Tuesday tomorrow), and a whole bunch of hummingbirds. And the sun is out today, which is nice.

I have always made fun of my cats when they chase a bug and sit staring at the spot where it disappeared, waiting for it to return, but I realized this morning, that I'm much the same way when I miss a photograph. I keep hoping the bird or bunny or whatever will come back and pose for me when I'm ready for it. Once in a while they do, but not very often. This morning has been a day of missed photos. A hummingbird buzzed my red prayer flag just as I got to the back door and then a nuthatch came and sat on the steps while I fumbled to get it in focus... and I'm still waiting for the oriole to come back. Sigh. My new wish list includes a new camera with more zoom. Everything is too far away.... and my windows are dirty and my pictures all suck. How's that for greed and crankiness?

Well, I guess I'll just post this.

This was a comparatively bright sky over the past few days. It has been gloomy and rainy and windy and cold (for May) with occasional flashes of sun.
I wish this little guy had a pretty background. Isn't the color awesome? He's not as sweet as he looks, though... at least not if you're an ant. Shortly after I took this, he grabbed a passing ant and ....

My yard is an overgrown weed factory. On my worry list - should I ask Sean to wait to mow until June or will it be too overgrown. Thing is I'll be better able to pay him in June. Meanwhile I can worry that he'll come over (no phone to reach him) and I'll have to send him away or... agggh.... sometimes I hate being me...


Shannon took these last few photos. Her mother and one of their giant dogs - they got another one - came by for a visit. Buster has mellowed some since I first met him. He's a year old now and has had some behavior training. Angel likes him much better when he's out there and she's inside. Maybe I can get him to spend time outside my door so I can open it without worrying about her trying to make a break for it.


Nessa said...

The bee and the dandelion is adorable.

Dr.John said...

Lots going on in your little world. I love your pictures and the joy you bring to life.

Deborah Godin said...

I don't know what you mean, those are wonderful shots! Love the bunny, he has that just-about-to-take-off look! Did he? :-)

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Raven,

Love the Dame's Rocket between the two dog at the window pictures.

Most people think of them as weeds but I just love seeing them in large patches on the side of the road or the small patch at the end of my house.

Thank you for including them.

Hugs, Euphoria

Richard said...

Shame on you for attempting to manage expectations. That's what is getting the banks and Administration into trouble as we speak.

Liked the pictures, missed the literary inanity. OK,it may have worked after all. LOL

sgreerpitt said...

The photos are lovely. Don't worry about the bumblebees -- as indigeneous species they don't seem to be in trouble the way the European honey bees are.

did you know that there is a government program that provides free cell phones and minutes for people with low incomes and/or disabilities?

Felisol said...

Dear Raven,
You are right; what would life be without our worries.
They keep us alert and going.
About the crunchies; read on the box how they best are to be stored.
(intelligent help or what?)

I think pollution and pesticides are more dangerous to the bumblebees than cool weather.

Here beehives are placed on heather-land. So far there has not been any shortage on Norwegian heather-honey!
Poison free and tasty.

Your pictures are ingenious taken.
You should be proud.
Have a pleasant and interesting Tuesday.
From Felisol

Sandi McBride said...

Such great photos Raven...giant dogs and all! I love the pretty little bug and the sweet bee and yellow wildflowers...