Saturday, May 09, 2009

A Frog Prince

I've always liked Prince Charles. He does and has done a lot of wonderful things that which (as far as I know, anyway) don't get much acknowledgment. Anyway, Jay Simser over at Baily's Buddy, posted this and I'm being a shameless copy cat because I think it's wonderful. I hope you'll pop over and visit Jay. He has has a wonderful sense of humor and there's always something interesting to read at his blog. And pictures too.

Here are a couple of places where you can do some good for the rain forest (and other good causes): - Click to Donate

The Hunger Site

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Deborah Godin said...

Wonderful video, I say only a sliver of it on TV (was dealing with a cat furball incident at the time) so I'm glad to be able to see the whole thing here!

Nessa said...

I saw this when Jay posted it. I really enjoyed it.