Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lavender Cowboys and Big Rock Candy Mountains

Kind of after the fact, I thought I'd share where Lavender Cowboy from the Wordzzle came from. It's a Burl Ives song I grew up with. Why it popped into my head last week and ended up in wordzzles, I can't tell you, but I thought it might be of interest to know the source in the deep recesses of my goofy brain. I couldn't find it on You Tube, but did find the lyrics, which are as follows:

he Was Only A Lavender Cowboy,
the Hairs On His Chest Were Two,
but He Wished To Follow The Heroes
and Fight Like The He-Men Do.

but He Was Inwardly Troubled
by A Dream That Gave Him No Rest,
that He'd Go With His Heroes In Action

with Only Two Hairs On His Chest.

first He Tried Many A Hair Tonic.
'twas Rubbed In On Him Each Night.
but Still When He Looked In The Mirror
those Two Hairs Were Ever In Sight.

but With A Spirit Undaunted
he Wandered Out To Fight,
just Like An Old-Time Knight Errant
to Win Combat For The Right.

he Battled For Red Nellie's Honor
and Cleaned Out A Holdup's Nest
he Died With His Six Guns A-Smoking
with Only Two Hairs On His Chest.

Here's Burl Ives singing another song, though.

Then I found this medley with Johnny Cash...


Akelamalu said...

I'd never heard of this song but I googled the words when they came up for the Wordzzle. :)

Janie B said...

I have always loved Burl Ives! I watched him many times on TV when I was little. Thanks for those good memories. By the way, I love my camera! Check out my blog and facebook page for some photos.

DawnTreader said...

I usually have to google several of the words and phrases that you put up for your Wordzzles. To fit the specifically American expressions and references into context is a real challenge for me. I'm basically more familiar with British idioms and phrases Without the internet I wouldn't have a chance...!:) This week, besides the lavender cowboy (which I too found the lyrics too)it was the corn pone that caused me most headache...

Carletta said...

I loved Burl Ives growing up! Such a grandfatherly man.
Love his singing too. I remember Big Rock Candy Mt. but not the Lavender Cowboy.
I'll be singing a little bitty tear all evening. :) But, it's ok!

quilly said...

Thank you! I knew "Lavender Cowboy" rang a bell, but I couldn't remember why!

Dr.John said...

Johny Cash and Burl Ives were two of my very favorite singers.

Linda Murphy said...

We had a Burl Ives Christmas song on a 45 record back when I was a kid, plus my mom owned one of his records.

Hope all is well!