Friday, July 24, 2009

Saturday Wordzzle Challenge: Week 73

This is week 73 of the Saturday Wordzzle challenge. Anyone new to the process can refer back here to find out how it works. Thanks again to Carol Peiffer (ProArtz) for this week's words... and next week's too! I'm tired today and not feeling up to snuff. I hate everything I wrote.... except manybe the mini - but at least I wrote something. Looking forward to reading what the rest of you have done.

The words for this week's ten word challenge were: riverboat, procrastination, drank, demons, invisible, candle, enough, film stars, summer job, computer For the mini: general demeanor, surprisingly, masked man, reach, standards

My 10-word:

When he drank, Sam Wilson felt less invisible, more like the film stars he so admired and wished to emulate... or at least their characters. His favorite fantasy was riverboat gambler. He loved feeling like Bret Maverick. At present he did his gambling on the computer. Sober he didn't do so well. Drunk, no one could hold a candle to him... or at least he had convinced himself that this was so. Thus far he had made more money than he could have with a summer job and his Maverick persona seemed to make him a real "chick magnet." It was a subtle balancing act, though. He had to consume just enough to set what he thought of as his better angels free but still keep the demons in chains. Unfortunately it didn't always work out that way. More often than not, they broke loose and ran riot. Unfortunately, as is true of so many drunks, he was disinclined to remember those moments, clinging instead to the feelings created by the initial haze of good feeling that drink gave him. If he had overcome his procrastination in balancing his check book, he would have discovered too, both that his big winnings were balanced by equally big losses and that the money spent on alcohol was quickly putting him deep into so far into the red that he would soon find himself wishing very much to be truly and not just psychologically invisible.

The mini:

For a masked man, he exhibited a surprisingly a mild general demeanor. "There are standards of behavior," he was quoted as saying, "even for those of us who reach around borders of the law. I can rob you without being ill mannered."

The maxi:

Riverboat Captain, James Reach felt that nothing could hold a candle to this choice of career. It had started as a summer job on a boat called - for some odd reason - The Masked Man. He had wanted a job working for a computer company but his penchant for procrastination had done him in and hadn't been able to find one. He had reluctantly taken work on the boat and had found that he loved it the adventure and excitement of travelling the river. Although perhaps too many of them drank - gambling and drink tended to go hand in hand - a bit more than they might, the general demeanor of river boat people was surprisingly genial by tourism and travel standards. Few of the people he encountered - even the occasional film stars who appeared on his decks - seemed pursued by the invisible demons and neuroses of other industries and he enjoyed rubbing elbows with people who came from a wide variety of nations and social situations. Today he owned his own boat which he had named The Sure Enough because it sure enough was a good life the river had given him.


Thanks again to Pro Artz who pulled this week's words from a blog post she liked... Judging from this collection of words, it must have been an interesting read.

Next week's 10 words are: fair warning, hormones, journalism, philanthropist, burgeoning, running the bulls, saturation, tossed in the towel, whine, indelicate details

And for the mini: hard labor, lurid, quick fix, sizable contributions, trumpet

Thanks for playing. For those who are new, here are some guidelines to make the process more fun.

Enjoy! See you next week.



CJ said...

Super writing on all three challenges. Your 10-word blew me away. I loved the way you used the words.

I delved into non-fiction this week. I will be attending a Twain conference in early August, so I guess he was on my mind ---and since "riverboat" was one of the words, he was a natural subject. Since I know so much about him, I was able to choose those aspects of his life that matched the word choices.

DawnTreader said...

I liked your mini this week. Ver concentrated and yet it describes a character.

bettygram said...

My feeling as I read was how sad but how true.

Dr.John said...

We both enfded up with polite robbers.
I liked your last story best. I guess I just like happy stories.
Ended up feeling sorry for the guy in your first story.

Fandango said...

Dragons don't drink much but when they do they aren't invisible. You humans don't understand that being able to be invisible is good and not bad.
Gamblers do tend to cause very little trouble to busy trying to win big.
Good writing as always.

Richard said...

Great stories this week. I liked them both equally.

BTW: I did a post on Friday on the Gates arrest. I guess great minds do run in like paths.


Argent said...

Yikes! I created a robber in my mini as well - and I hadn't read anyone else's pieces before I submuitted honest! great minds! I really liked your mini though, so much more succinct than mine!

Stephen said...

I liked your stories, particularly the mini and the maxi. I liked the polite robber and the riverboat captain.

I have my own stories up now.

Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

MommyWizdom said...

Great stories, as always, Raven. It's great when you can use some of the words in the first sentence - Riverboat Captain James Reach - that was fabulous!

Have a great week!!


quilly said...

As usual your stories are great, Raven, but I liked the mini best this week.

gabrielle said...

Don't have an offering this week, but thought I'd join by reading. So glad I did!
The 10 word reminded me of a classic Paul Newman character, the Hustler. The mini was priceless. Enjoyed them all!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Late as usual!

Will come and read them all later :)

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Hi Raven - i came back and had a proper read today.

I think my favourite is the first one - i like the way you detail the difference between his perception of himself and the truth. Nicely done.

I was going to take a break this week but i fear the temptation to write a song called "Hard Labour" may prove too strong!