Friday, February 05, 2010


I'm sorry I have been so scarce lately. I have just gone inward and can't seem to drag myself out to play. I'm so cranky about most of the things I want to talk about that it just makes me feel worse and isn't worth sharing because I feel pretty hopeless about the way our Congress has pretty much ceased to function (unless endless bickering and cheap shots are functioning). I feel pretty hopeless about a Supreme Court that has chosen to quite literally sell the government to those rich enough to buy it. As far as I'm concerned, too much corporate money and special interests are a major part of why our elected officials aren't functioning now. Besides the whole Constitutional issues around their decision, it seems to be the final blow against the one body in our government that was supposed to be above the fray. Of course when they appointed George Bush president 10 years ago, they put the first nail in the coffin of their reputation and their honor. Now the so-called opponents of "activist" judges seem to have turned the Supreme Court into a branch of the GOP.

But anyway, that's not why I'm posting. It's kind of why I haven't been posting. I'm depressed. Psychologically. Also (more seriously), I'm battling clinical depression and while it isn't quite kicking my butt, we seem to be in a pretty even match for my spirit and I'm tired. I think Spring will help when it arrives.... and it's not that far off now, really. The Groundhog has spoken... the days are getting longer.... there have been some blue skies and so far it has been a much kinder winter than last year.... at least here on the east coast. People in Iowa and other places are probably not thinking that it's been such a kind winter. But I'm rambling and still not getting to the point of why I climbed out of my pit to post.

Probably most of you have heard about the Anti-abortion ad that's scheduled to run during the Super Bowl. I've signed petitions against it. I think I wouldn't mind so much if CBS was willing to run a balancing opinion. But anyway, they have chosen to run it and it's probably not going to change anyone's mind, just make CBS a lot richer and lots of people cranky and lots of people happy. I am getting to the point... honestly.... Anyway, this morning, I got an email from Planned Parenthood asking me to sign the letter I've posted below. I really liked what they had to say. Which is that they support Mrs. Tebow (the person featured in the ad) having a right to consult and make a choice. They wish that option for everyone. I think it's a wise and thoughtful response.

Subject: That Super Bowl ad

The anti-choice group Focus on the Family is spending millions to run an ad during the Super Bowl featuring the star football player Tim Tebow and his mom talking about a deeply personal medical decision she made years ago, when she decided to continue her pregnancy against medical advice, due to what had been diagnosed as a high-risk pregnancy.

I stand with Planned Parenthood in respecting every woman -- including Mrs. Tebow -- to make important personal medical decisions for herself.

Tim Tebow's mother weighed medical and moral considerations and decided what was right for her. She made her choice in private, and without government interference. That's exactly what we want every woman to be able to do, and I'll continue to fight to make sure that is the case -- on Super Bowl Sunday, and every day.


I thought this video that went with it, was nicely done too.

See you later for Wordzzles, I hope.
Happy Friday!


quilly said...

Hooray for Sean James and Al Joyner.

Akelamalu said...

Sorry to hear you're depressed m'dear. Please accept some Reiki sent with love. x

Janie B said...

Hang in there, Raven. Don't let that depression win. ((Hugs))

San said...

I'm glad that I read this post BEFORE your latest wordzzle, Raven. I too have been really bummed about the stagnation in the Senate, and the Super Bowl commercial, and and and...

It seems the best we can do is keep on keeping on. Even little things, like focusing on your Wordzzles, can make a difference. It lifts us out of the place of fear and helps us focus on hope and possibility. I loved the tone of all three wordzzles.

We have to pray for meaningful change, and keep voicing the truth.