Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Death in the Blog Family

I've been gone from cyber space for a few days because my computer got attacked by a nasty virus.

I returned to learn that Dr. John, dedicated wordzzler and teller of Dragon Lore, died on Monday at age 70. His wife Betty was also a Wordzzle player. If you want to leave a message for her, you can post it here. I don't know an email address, I'm afraid, and maybe that is just as well. Grief needs time.

Dr. John's creative spirit and his voice as a teller of Fandango's Dragon lore will be missed.


Carletta said...

It is a very sad loss.
Many of the tributes to him this week have mentioned his love of words. The Wordzzle's were one place he shined. I think his imagination was endless. He had great wit and wisdom but maybe it was that little boy inside of him that loved trains and dragons that kept his imagination soaring.
He will be missed.

quilly said...

I loved his Dragon persona. Dr. John had a wonderful and creative imagination and sense of humor. He is going to be missed on many different levels.

DawnTreader said...

Thank you Raven for drawing my attention to this. I have Betty's blog on my reading list as well but I managed to miss this sad news. I have left a message for her and I think I'll write something on my own blog too when I have had time to digest a little.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

so sorry to hear this

i always looked forward to reading his responses

Connie T. said...

It made me sad that such a wonderful person is gone. He will be missed by the blog world and the real world. He was such a good writer. I will miss him. Thanks for passing on the news.