Friday, February 26, 2010

Saturday Wordzzle Challenge, Week 101

This is week 101 of the Saturday Wordzzle Challenge. Anyone new to the process can refer back here to find out how it works. For anyone new to wordzzles, the words for this week's mini are a memorial of sorts for our wordzzle/blogger friend Dr. John Linna who died last week. He will be missed.


I wanted to share two things this week. We had two very late posts last week. One was from Stephen in AZ who shared that he has been posting late because he has not been feeling well. Maybe we can all send our prayers and good thought to him. I also - even though I don't like to play favorites - wanted to recommend that you stop by last week's other late post. Gabrielle wrote something truly wonderful using the words from 2 weeks ago and I'd hate for everyone to miss it.


This week's words were:
smoothness, crafty, purchase, brief, chirping, forever, shift, moonrise, lampshade, stereotype For the mini: remembrance, Dr. John, Agent 012, dragons, Fortress

My mini:

The dragons, led by the noble Fandango, had gathered en masse at the Fortress of Remembrance. Many were weeping unabashedly, something that Dragons seldom do even in the most dire of circumstances, but they had lost a great friend - a human - but a great friend, none-the-less. Dr. John Linna - whom they affectionately called Agent 012 - had offered friendship and had become a spokesperson of sorts for the Dragon community, greatly improving human-dragon relations. They had enjoyed his wit and his kindness and his generosity to his fellow humans and to the dragons. He would be written up (and remembered orally), they all agreed, in Dragon Lore. For today, they would collect their tears and put them into a crystal bottle, which Fandago himself would deliver to Dr. John's beloved wife Betty and to his children. Dragon's tears were reputed to have legendary healing powers because they were rare and made of love. Fandango wished they were as healing to dragons as they were to humans because he thought perhaps his heart had broken. Of all the treasures he had amassed over the centuries, his friendship with Dr. John was perhaps the one he held most precious. He knew that friends like Dr. John never really leave us. They stay in our hearts and our memories, but memory was different than life and though he was now enshrined in the Fortress of Memory, thing would never be the same.

My 10-word:

Samson could not believe that the crafty merchant had gotten him to purchase ten cases of Moonrise Moonshine, but apparently he had. The last thing Samson remembered was being told about its smoothness and the words "just have a taste." A couple of sips later it felt as though the earth had shifted and after that he had a brief and very vague recollection of dancing with a lampshade on his head (could it be he had done something that was so sterotypical?). This morning with a headache/hangover that made the sweet chirping of birds sound more like thunder, he thought perhaps he would give up drinking forever.

My mega:

The dragons had invited Raven to attend the ceremony at the Fortress of Remembrance for their friend Dr. John or Agent 012 as they had liked to call him. She had been more than a bit uneasy about the idea of attending a moonrise gathering of dragons but now she was glad she had decided to go. The the sight and sound of dragons weeping was something she would remember forever. It certainly shifted her existing stereotype of them as crafty, dangerous and cynical creatures. The memorial ceremony itself had been brief. The leader of the dragons - a dragon with a name like Tango or something like that - had appeared carrying what had (at first glance) appeared to her to be a lampshade. Fandango - that was the name - had later explained that it was a crystal container in which they would collect their tears to offer as a gift to the family. Anyway, Fandango had appeared, said something in a language which sounded oddly (especially given the massive size of dragons) like chirping except that there was a depth and smoothness to the tonality that was simultaneously moving and consoling and she found herself wishing she could purchase a recording of the sound for times when life was too much. She wished she could have brought her camera too record the occasion, but it had been expressly forbidden. She would have to remember it in her heart, along with Dr. John and so many other wonderful souls who had crossed through her life as she traversed this world. She asked if she could add some of her own tears to the dragons vial and they graciously allowed her to do so. It was not much, but it was all she had to offer.


Words for next week's 10-word challenge are: sugar daddy, page, Copernicus, liquid, craggy, trapezoid, milquetoast, blizzard, food cream, dental problems

For the mini: Hersey kisses, pregnant, scarring, cadet, grist mill

Thanks for playing. For those who are new, here are some guidelines to make the process more fun.

Enjoy! See you next week!



Carletta said...

Raven, I am speechless. Your tribute to Dr.John in these offerings is superb. You have captured the essence of Dr. John beautifully.

DawnTreader said...

Raven, I loved your dragon stories! - beautiful, and hitting just the right tone! How odd that they should happen to contain bottles of tears because I was just reading about those in another blog earlier today! - link.

I found myself out of touch with the internet for some hours earlier today just as I intended to sit down to write - and hadn't copied the words to my hard drive. Not good for the creative flow...

Argent said...

Absolutely beautiful. I bet Dr John would have been thrilled to read this.

quilly said...

These were beautiful tributes to Dr. John and the dragons.

Connie T. said...

Very nice and beautiful. It makes me sad that he is gone.

Connie T. said...

Your wordzzles are wonderful and I am sure Dr. John would have loved it.
I know I am one day late, but I did want to write something for this, so I did.

It is sad that he is gone.

Stephen said...

I thought your tributes to Dr. John were very nice and very well done, and it felt like I was there while it was happening. I thought the crystal container of dragon tears was interesting, and also how lampshade was used in relation to it. I also liked your 10 word story and the Moonrise Moonshine.

I'm running very, very late, but I have my stories up now.

Thank you for mentioning me in your Wordzzle post and for the offers of help and the links in your comments on my blog. I just read the comments yesterday and haven't had time yet to check the links out, and I only know a little about Reiki, but feel free to do whatever you can.

Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA