Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge #212

The Lone Wordzzler here.  I'm just not in the mood to do this tonight, so I think I'll post it and do my exercises tomorrow. Had it all set up to post and forgot to do it. That kind of a day. Sigh.  

UPDATE:  OK... I'll do them on Sunday. Promise. Sorry. Just couldn't get myself going today.

Sunday 4:45.  Ok. I wrote some stuff. Not at all happy with it. Apologies to my 2 readers for posting so late. 

Words for this week's 10-word challenge were:  August, amphibian, artist, artichoke, amber, apple, aggravation, ample, action, alligator   And for the mini: big shot, bargain, baloney, boring, battering ram

My mega: 

August "Alligator" Ample had thought being a big-shot artist would make him happy, but instead he was finding it fraught with aggravation. Everyone wanted him to continue with his "Amber Collection," but how many amber apples, artichokes, and pineapples could one paint before finding it unbearable. He had tried shifting to pork chops and baloney in hopes of finding some relief, but all anyone wanted were those stupid fruits and vegetables. Had he known that his bargain with the devil included this kind of boring repetition, he might have thought twice before agreeing to fame at any price. He felt like there was a battering ram in his head that would not stop pounding, felt like he might die of misery. When his alarm clock went off, as he woke from his nightmare, the voice of his guardian angel whispered in his ear. Remember this dream before you take any actions today. You have been warned and now the choice is yours. 

My mini:

As the battering ram pounded against the castle gates, King Marcus found himself longing for simpler times. He had always thought his father's boring lectures about the weight of the crown were a lot of baloney, but now he wished he had paid more attention. It seemed his father had been right. Being king was not just about being a big shot, it involved responsibility and respect was not automatic. He wondered if maybe there was a chance that it was not too late to reform his ways. Maybe he could find a way to strike a bargain with the rebels and restore peace to his kingdom. Turning to the Lord Chancellor, he said, "Under flag of truce, please seek to see if the leader of these rebels will take counsel with me. Whatever the outcome of out talk, I guarantee his safety. Tell them this. "The King wishes to apologize. Your rebellion has forced him to look at his own actions and he requests that you take counsel with him to see if we can find a peaceful way to restore the Kingdom. He has given you little reason to trust his word, but he hopes, even so, that you will hear the truth of these words and the depth and sincerity of his regret and meet with him." To his profound gratitude and the good fortune of the kingdom, although they did not trust King Marcus, they did trust his Lord Chancellor. The rest is history. Over the next 70 years, King Marcus became as fine a ruler as any Kingdom could ask for. 

My 10-word:

It was August. The weather in Florida was miserable. There were alligators in the back yard. The mosquitoes were so thick they buzzed like dark clouds on the horizon.  Her aptly named dog, Action, seemed bent on causing unending aggravation. In spite of all this, business at the Amber Amphibian Cafe could not have been better, because Lucinda Largo was not just a cook, not even "just" a chef, she was an artist in the kitchen. The meals she prepared were love on a plate and people left her little Cafe changed by the experience. Whether it was her artichoke souffle, her salmon casserole, an ample slice of her apple and rhubarb pie, or any of a host of other dishes, those who ate at Lucinda's table received nourishment for the soul as well as the body.... even in August with its annoyances and aggravations. Or maybe especially then. 


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  enough, superstition, matches, camera, fortitude, space, turtle, pillow, adversity, we're doing everything we can 

And for the mini:  paper bag,  hurt, creation, gloves, wanderlust

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.


gabrielle said...

I love and miss the word aggravation. It does not exist in the Midwest lexicon. The closest relative approximation would be annoyance. yeah, you see what I mean.

I miss it so much I read your wordzlles aloud with East Coast inflection. Especially thick on the word aggravation. Were you aggravated by having to be the lone wordzzle. I’m sorry. I have tried but there is no there there. I love reading your worddzles!

The Bug said...

We used to play a marble game we called Aggravation - when I grew up I found out it was just Chinese Checkers on my dad's homemade game board. Wonder where that thing is?

I love how you like the happy ending. I might have to start Wordzzling again & add some doom & destruction to the mix :)

Raven said...

Gabrielle - Aggravation IS a good word, isn't it. You must introduce it in Minneapolis. It's your civic duty. I love the idea of reading my wordzzles out loud with a New York accent. Made me laugh... which makes it hard to be aggravated.

Bug - I hope you join in. I do have an addiction to happy endings. I hope you do bring some good dark side material into the mix.