Monday, November 10, 2008

Gratitude, Day 10

Well, this one may be backdoor INgratitude, but I'm glad I don't have to get up this early every day. I'm really grateful that I'm going to see my friends Paul and Nancy who I know from New York (though they live in Connecticut), but this will be my third day in a row of getting up like a semi normal person and my mind and body have not adjusted to it yet. Tomorrow is Schwan's Day (every other Tuesday) which means another early rising. What's with this sudden onslaught of morning visitors, huh, God? Trying to tell me something?

I actually believe that it's better for to rise early, but from what I understand most people like me who don't go out, tend to stay up late and sleep late. I know in the early days of my incarceration, back in NYC, it was in part a mechanism for keeping myself in. I could pretend to make plans and then get up too late for it to be practical to do them. Whew! Crisis averted. Now it's just the habit of zoning out at the computer and TV that keeps me up until 2 or 3 most nights so that I get up the next day between 9:30 and 10:00. Lucky me, my cats have given up debating me on this schedule. They have been totally baffled by the past three days of getting up with the rest of the world. (Hah! I just heard from Nancy. Like my nephew on Saturday, they are running about an hour and a half late. I coulda slept!)

But back to gratitude. I'm feeling so blessed by my clean house and my new keyboard. I have forgotten SOOOO much and much to my dismay, while I kept a lot of my folk song books, I apparently gave away my Bach which I really wanted to try. I'm doing so badly at the folk songs that it's probably just as well that I don't have the other. But I'm rambling.

One nice thing about having company is that I get to turn the heat up. I'm so afraid of not being able to afford my bills that I've developed the habit of keeping the thermostat at 60 for as much of the day as I can manage. (More gratitude coming here in between whining.) The generous universe has set my house so that in winter on sunny days, the sun shines right onto me at the desk which makes it much easier to keep the thermostat low. Today, alas is not a Sunny day and I don't think company should have to sit in their coats so I'm splurging on 63 degrees. It feels so nice. Another thing I'm grateful for is that my little house came with (according to the inspector) more insulation than he has ever seen. My house has a metal roof and it's so well insulated that I don't hear it when it rains. That's insulation! With my nice new windows, 60 degrees isn't too bad.. and the cool thing is I'm nicely shaded in the summer and the sun and the house stays pretty cool.

So I'm just rambling waiting for my friends to get here. I'm grateful for this place to ramble. Maybe today I can get my brain around the One Single Impression prompt, but I'm not banking on it. Grateful that anybody reads me. Grateful that I have a place to write. Grateful for all the wonderful people in my life. Grateful for Angel and Tara Grace. Grateful for life.

Grateful for how beautiful this year's fall foliage was. Pretty much gone now except for a few spots of color here and there. And of course for my camera and any cute little creature like this little red squirrel who is willing to pose for me.Anyone with a hankering for more can visit my Picassa album.

Have a wonderful day!


Carletta said...

Have a wonderful visit with Paul and Nancy!
With continued practice your skills at the keyboard will come back.
I love the expression on the squirrel's face in the top photo.

quilly said...

Candles. Yep. Candles. My cousin and I shared a chilly little apartment when we were first off to college. One evening while studying we decided if we were going to freeze, we were at least going to do it while watching a fire. We lit a couple of candles and were surprised to discover that they actually raised the heat by a couple of degrees in that room.

Raven said...

Hi Carletta - Paul and Nancy just left. We had a great visit... and Angel and Tara Grace got to a new toy so they're happy too. I hope my skills come back. I felt like I hit a few more right notes this morning, so I hope you're right.

quilly - I'd try the candle thing but Angel would burn the house down. Angel makes many things impossible, but she gives good hugs so it's not a bad trade off.

Melli said...

That's a actually quite a LOT to be grateful for. I have a question - and it's none of my business - but you mentioned it and I think it's even on your sidebar. I know you're agoraphobic - but then you also mention "permanently disabled" -- is the disability just the agoraphobia? Or are you also physically disabled? I was just wondering because you were so grateful for all the help to get the house cleaned and jobs done that you can't do yourself.

Raven said...

Hi melli - the disability is both agoraphobia and something which was diagnosed as "ataxia," though I don't know if that diagnosis was accurate. In any case my legs - particularly my left one - is not that fond of moving as it should. I walk with a cane and I'm pretty wobbly and I can't stand for very long. The agoraphobia in some wasy may not be as bad as it once was (not that I test it), but it is fed and compounded by my difficulties walking and standing. On top of that - partly because of anxiety and physical inertia, I am obese. What a mess I am! Boy! But I'm still ticking so I guess I can't complain.

Dr.John said...

Good pictures.
Despite our physical problems it's good to know that we both have so much to be thankful for. So much of that gratitude goes to the people who care for us.

Lu' said...

The photos were very enjoyable.

SnoopMurph said...

I loved your photos and post today.

Oh, keyboard skills will come back. Mine are very rusty since I travel and haven't used piano in the last three years of teaching really. (I am playing guitar though) It was shocking to play this fall-sooo many clunkers! I have some Bach piano books and a bunch of others-if you are interested, I can send you some.

Did you say UP to 63 degrees? I am chilly just thinking that your house is set at 60! I can understand though and we have pulled out the super warm comforters and long pajamas. :)

I am grateful for you!

Billy said...

I love your gratitude posts, and I hope you enjoy(ed) the visit with your friends!