Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gratitude, Day 27 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone. I imagine that the blogosphere will be pretty quiet today as people cook and bake and gather with family. For all the craziness of my immediate family, I do miss these holidays when the larger family gathered and we were all at our best (mostly). Still, I am very blessed. My "friend family" is watching over me (even though they really don't have to), which is very nice. And I'll probably watch Babette's Feast today. I just love that movie.

Today the universe has seen it's way to giving us a mouse. At around three am I heard Angel wailing in a very excited way (actually she did this the night before too). I decided to get up and use the bathroom and make sure she was ok.... just as she herded a tiny thing straight in my direction. I didn't realize at first that it wasn't a toy. I didn't really see the whole mouse, but I think it has at least a white face. Of course Angel drove it right into the bedroom. So far it has escaped her, which I'm kind of glad about. I don't want a mouse in my bedroom (or the house at all), but I really don't want a dead mouse. I'm hoping she can just scare it back out into the big world where it belongs. At present I think it's under a blanket tossed rather untidily in the corner. I think this because Angel is on patrol. I made the mistake in my panic as it ran into the bedroom of telling her she was very brave. Of course she listened to me when I was spouting nonsense. So I'm grateful that the mouse is corralled and not dead and grateful that I managed to put my fear aside and get some sleep.

I'm grateful for friends in the flesh, in cyberspace and the blogosphere, for Angel and Tara Grace.

I'm grateful for the lovely day I had yesterday. Shannon came over to play with me and we had a grand day. We took some video of Angel which I will probably not bore people with. We spent some time at Webkins World (my computer being a major part of my appeal). I played my keyboard for a while and Shannon took some photos. She videotaped me playing too, but we're not sharing that either. I will share the picture she took of my old lady hands. They still surprise me from time to time when I look at them. More than changes to my face or hair even, I wonder whose hands are those? Anyway, all the pictures today were taken by Shannon yesterday. I think she's got a creative eye. I'm so grateful for the joy and youth she brings into my days when she visits.

I guess I'll leave it at that this morning.

Of course Angel has to get into the act.
Her music is somewhat Gothic and atonal... the stuff of horror movies.

This is a scene from Webkins World. That's Clyde, one of Shannon's pets.
The pig (see below) is named Cutestuff.

I think this is a really nice picture of Angel.

This is a collage of some of the other photos Shannon
took yesterday and the day before.

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!


quilly said...

My face and my hair to not tell my age, but my hands do. Sometimes I look at them and mourn my youth. Usually I look at them and consider my life well lived.

I like the photo of your hands. Here they are making beauty.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Dr.John said...

How great to have such a good friend. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
My wife has a Webkins because my grand kids insisted but she enjoys it.

Raven said...

Thanks quilly - hope you are having a good Thanksgiving feast. I've had a lovely day so far. Shannon came by and took more photos - some really good ones... My face and hair show my age too but somehow it's my hands that sort of surprise me. I don't know how well lived my life has been, but I guess age is just another adventure.

Dr. John - hope you are having a good Thanksgiving. Webkins is a very cute website. Shannon used to spent time at an awful place called I kind of enjoy Webkins and her exploration of it.

Finding Pam... said...

Raven, hope you are warm and had a wonderful day. I like your hands,and they do not look old like mine. I am glad that I have my grandmother's hands, working hands, gardening hands, praying hands and after feeding 30 people very tired hands.

I love your cat on the keyboard. Mine is resting his head on my arm as a I type this right now.

Are you doing wordzzle? I must have missed the words this week. I will check next week.

Loved the squirrel too.

Raven said...

pam - it's only Thursday. I don't post until Friday evening. If you scroll down, you can find the words for this week's challenge, though. Hope your tiredness comes at the end of a very happy and fulfilling day.

Lu' said...

Happy Thanksgiving Raven :)

gabrielle said...

The pressure of the hands causes the springs of life to flow.
- Tokujiro Namikoshi

Our hands. Cradle friends, gather thyme, knead bread, unfasten buttons, spread marmalade. Your hands are lovely on the ivories.

Happy Thanksgiving.

SnoopMurph said...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving-so glad that you have a good friend visiting.

Much love!

maryt/theteach said...

Katherine, tell Shannon I like her photos very much! And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your unexpected visitors. Isn't Babette's Feast a marvelous film? Based on the short story by Isak Dinesen (not sure about the spelling!) :)

storyteller said...

Shannon sounds like a good friend with a wonderful 'eye' for capturing images. If YOUR hands look 'old' (and I don't think they do) ... mine would be classified as ANCIENT (and I'd rather they not). I loved reading about your day and seeing the photos. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs and blessings,

Carletta said...

Love Angel's pic! Shannon is very good.
I look at my hands sometimes and see my Moms hands. I try not to study them too much.:)