Monday, November 17, 2008

Gratitude, Day 17

Monday morning finds me a touch cranky but still with much to be grateful for.

As I'm typing this the sun is going in and out behind the clouds. I'm glad it's showings face a bit so I at least know it's there. It has been hiding for a few days now and I miss it.

No sooner did I sit down at my desk this morning than my phone rang. It was an automated call from the government saying that I hadn't filled out a form (yes I did) and that I needed to call 1-800-772-1213. There was no offer to repeat this message. The computer voice dropped this bomb, reeled the number off faster than I could hear it and fled. So I had to search for the number and then maneuver my way past the computerized dragon at the Social Security's gate. I think they just try to wear you down so you'll give up. Anyway, I'm grateful that I was able to get past all the "you can do it on line" or "I'm automated but I'm sure I can help you," or "we serve 50 million people and we really don't want to talk to you if we don't have to" messages and found my way to a person who in fact agreed with me that I had filled out the form. All is well with the world again. She was very nice, though, and I'm grateful for that and that there was actually no real problem.

I'm also very grateful that my nephew did make it yesterday for a second visit. We had a very great visit. Angel got to play a lot and was very happy. Tara Grace got extra crunchies. She was kind of snotty and anti-social but Angel made up for Tara's lack of graciousness. Even though Matt had a six hour drive ahead of him to get home, he made the effort to come visit and stayed for an hour or so. I feel so blessed. I have missed that connection to him these past years.

And Nate and Dan came later in the day with a microwave for me. How cool is that... a free microwave!

What else am I grateful for? I'm grateful that the computerized person at Social Security couldn't hear me muttering unkind things about her. I'm grateful that it all worked out with no real problem. I'm grateful that I'm more than half way through having to be publicly grateful every day. (I'm actually enjoying it, but I love complaining.)

And I'm grateful that my fingers are starting to remember a little bit about how to play my keyboard. Life is good. Thank you for everything. I have no complaints whatsoever....

Have a glorious day!

My neighbors left bread crumbs this time...
This little guy took his bounty to high ground.


Carletta said...

I miss the sun too Raven but sometimes I like the lovely dark clouds like you show here. I like the different shades of blue that often appear.
So glad your nephew made it ok and that you had a nice visit.
Yeah, a microwave for you. Such wonderful friends Nate and Dan seem to be. I don't use mine MW often but when I don't have one I feel like I'm lost. Weird.
Here's hoping you're having a glorious day too.

Jeff B said...

You realize of course that you used the words "helpful" and "nice" in reference to a government agency employee? Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

Glad it all worked out.

quilly said...

Jeff's comment is the frosting on your post. Too perfect.

Our gray clouds were accompanied by huge blasts of wind and driven rain. OC managed to miss the bus this morning (it comes once every hour) and he rode off to work on his bicycle just 5 minutes before the cloud burst. it is 15 minutes later and the sun just burned through the cloud cover. This time of year in Hawaii, if you don't like the weather, just wait a few moments and it will change.

maryt/theteach said...

Katherine, how wonderful you can be grateful for all the great things and people in your life! Glad you liked the Alice Walker letter! :)

Travis said...

Those automated "helpers" make me crazy. But the good thing is that you can yell at them and take out your frustrations.

Raven said...

carletta - I'm curious to try the microwave and a bit anxious about it too. I like those kinds of clouds too but I like a mix of sun and clouds and not too many days in a row of all gray. There haven't even been a lot of pretty clouds this week, just dull gray, ran and sleet and dampness.

jeff b - I work very hard at MAKING them be nice to me. She wasn't exactly effusive but she wasn't rude. Does that help?

quilly - I kind of like that kind of weather... or the idea of it... especially if it's experienced in a setting as beautiful as Hawaii. Not sure how much I'd like it here in upstate NY.

mary - that was a wonderful letter. I think the Obamas are very grounded people. It makes me happy to see the warmth between them as a family.

travis - aren't those blockades of automated choices with the secret to finding a live human being hidden like buried treasure just about the most annoying thing there is? It is nice to be able to be speak your mind without danger of hurting anyone's feelings.