Friday, November 28, 2008

Gratitude, Day 28

All of today's photos were taken by Shannon Dermody.
(Please ignore the dirty windows.)

Wow. November is almost over. I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday with yummy food and family and friends at their best.

I didn't get to watch Babette's Feast because I had unexpected company much of the day. Shannon came by and spent some time with me. We visited Webkins and then she took some more photos. She really has a gift, I think. So today's photos are again the work of Shannon Dermody.

In the early evening Nate, Dan and Sue came by with a massive meal for me and visited for about an hour. Then the Dermody's dropped off a plate from their Thanksgiving, so I have food for tonight too. And for my part, I baked (well I unboxed an put into the oven) a Rhubarb Triple berry pie from Schwan's. I always wanted to try rhubarb pie and now I'm addicted. I gave half away to my friends as a thank you for their generosity to me. I had a small taste last night and knew I was hooked. I had rhubarb pie for breakfast this morning. May not be good for me, but it sure tasted good. I love tasting new things so that was a special treat indeed... and it was fun to be able to give back to my friends a bit too.

Yesterday - and I wish I could just post it instead of linking to it - my friend Kim sent me this wonderful little 16 minute movie called SMILE (0r it might be called Valicaton, I'm not sure). I thought it was truly wonderful.

On another gratitude front, the mouse seems to have left or at least to have gone into serious hiding. Angel is no longer on military patrol and has not been turned into a killer and I don't have a dead mouse body to dispose of. All things to be grateful for. Hopefully word will spread among the local mice that this house is protected by a watch kitty and they won't come calling again. We will see, I guess.

I'm truly grateful for the delight of getting to spend time with a young person like Shannon. My sister's kids are grown and live far away and Cindy's awesome children are strangers who I know by photograph. I'm so grateful that I got to live with Ani for the first year of her life. What an amazing miracle that was! But back to Shannon. There is something so enriching about the curiosity and enthusiasm of someone who is just learning about life. I so enjoy that she enjoys me and I am enjoying watching her explore with the camera. I've set up a folder on my Picassa page for her pictures but I thought I'd post a few of her own and my favorites here.

For all of you who cooked and hosted large gatherings, I hope you had good elves to help with clean-up. The up side of living alone and having people bring you food is that there's no clean-up involved.

Have Purr-fect Day!


Casdok said...

Shannon does have a gift - i love her photos. Lovely that she spent time with you.
I will now go and check out the Smile movie.

Naturegirl said... you and this beautiful kitty!
A SWF gal and cat lover!

Sue said...

Shannon's pictures are special. The one of your hands is especially interesting.

quilly said...

The cat photos are outstanding and the shot of your hands is well composed. Shannon has a bit of natural talent which needs nurturing!

Finding Pam... said...

Raven you are so blessed to have such a dear friend as Shannon and her family. Tell her how much we appreciate the photos of your hands and the cats. Just glad that your little friend the mouse has left your house! My cats are always bringing me something special! haha! Wish we could hear you play your music? Have a great day.

storyteller said...

Shannon's photos are wonderful (love the first one especially today) and how wonderful to have such good friends to drop by in this way. I'm addicted to rhubarb pie too! Isn't it the BEST!
Hugs and blessings,