Friday, November 07, 2008

Gratitude Day #7

Tonight I'm very tired but I'm grateful that my kind friends have been making a great effort to help me clean my house in preparation for a visit from my nephew on Saturday morning. He's very allergic to cats so besides wanting to make the place look a little less like it's just been burglarized than it usually does, I wanted it as free of cat fur as possible for a house with two cats and a disabled owner. It's looking quite spiffy already. We're going to put the finishing touches on tomorrow and hopefully I'll wake up in plenty of time on Saturday morning. They're arriving between 8:00 and 9:00 am!! Yikes.

So anyway, I'm grateful to have some things cleaned up that I couldn't do for myself and some that I finally got motivated to do for myself and that it will be as fur-free as possible for the royal visit on Saturday morning. Life is pretty darned good. It's not quite ready for photos yet, but maybe I'll add some tomorrow. Tonight I'm too pooped.

Oh - special thanks to Mary, who came and helped with Halloween, who spent her afternoon (Thursday) working very hard, and is returning tomorrow to finish up. That's big time generosity.

Late morning post script: It's going to be a very short visit - only an hour or two - they are passing through on the way to someone's wedding. I was able to get hold of something called Mullein Leaf Tea which I highly recommend if you have anyone allergic like this come to visit. I've used it before and people who usually have a very hard time do quite well. With the tea and reiki, I think he'll be ok for the short time he's here. I think the cats - who are already working on messing it up again - actually kind of like having it clean. It gives them a blank canvass to work on.


Carletta said...

It is nice to have special friends. I know my best friend came to my house when I was moving. I called her crying that I wasn't going to be ready for the moving truck. She stayed all day.
Get some rest.

quilly said...

When I was a cat owner (I miss my babies!) I had a friend who was very allergic. Whenever she would come to town I would make my house as cat hair free as possible. One day I said something to my doctor about it -- don't remeber why -- and he said not to vacuum just before the guest arrives. There needs to be time -- several hours -- for the dust and dander that gets tossed into the air to resettle.

Gattina said...

I think your cats will be less happy about an allergic person's visit, lol !

Casdok said...

How lovely of your friends to give you a hand. Hope you have the best time with your nephew!

Kim said...

You are so fortunate...they are very good people!

I'm so glad your nephew is coming for a visit! How long will he stay?

Wish we were closer! Miss you!

Deborah Godin said...

Nice that you have good friends to help with everything, especially the de-furring. With four cats, I know whereof you speak!! Hopep you have a great visit with your nephew!

Dianne said...

a blank canvas to work on LOL

Mia and Siren have very little in common but they both get very anxious when I'm cleaning - especially their space. Siren runs back and forth with his head cocked and his ears pinned back. I usually get bitten at least once.
Mia refuses to move. Wherever I'm cleaning she sits! If I move her she comes back. Sometimes I need to put her in the kennel it gets so bad.
I think they worry that they might be going somewhere new again. I reassure them but - well you know, they never listen ;)

Enjoy your visit.

Dr.John said...

That's the way we have to get ready when my granddaughter comes to visit. She has asthma and is allergic to dog hair. Maggie tends to leave hair all over the place.

gel said...

Friends are gems.
Am enjoying my first visit to your blog.
Noticed your word/story event.Will look into that.
Take care!

Travis said...

One of the first things my Mr Tucker does after we vacuum the sofa is rub himself all over it again.