Monday, November 24, 2008

Gratitude, Day 24

Happy Monday!

Today I am grateful for unexpected gifts. November has been a very fruitful month... It's very strange, but gifts have just been pouring in... My nephew gave me the gift of two visits and a keyboard, which I've already talked about.

The day after Matt came to see me, two friends from my days in the city came. Paul gave the girls a gift... a nifty toy which they can't lose. They both have a penchant for losing their toys. I don't know where the twelve million little balls are... but they will no doubt turn up at some point and be lost again with in a day of rediscovery. The toy Paul left us is on a stick and I have actually gotten smart enough to put it in a safe place when we aren't playing with it. Both girls played this morning and I took these terrible blurry pictures... but you can see that they were having fun. It was really remarkable for Tara Grace to come and play. She doesn't often do that because she doesn't see too well and I think she was kind of robbed of her kittenhood. Anyway... they are enjoying the gift.

Then last weekend, Nate and Dan came with a free microwave. I haven't had the courage to use it yet, but my food delivery just came and there are some specifically microwavable items in the mix this time, so maybe I'll work up my courage and try it. I'm always grateful for the gift of Schwans and for Tom, the man who delivers my groceries. He's such a kind, nice man. We had a lovely chat this morning about healing and spirituality. He's now behind schedule, but it was a good talk.

Then yesterday... I'm not kidding... it has been a never-ending flow of gifts.... Nate and his mother Sue came by for a surprise visit. For about five years now, I have had a tragic but much loved little fake Christmas tree - a fake tree worthy of Charlie Brown. I got it on sale from some on-line candle store for something like $3 or $5. Cheap. Really cheap. It was such a pathetic eyesore that I loved it. It was loveably pathetic. Alas, at the end of last year it twinkled it's last ( the lights went out and as far as I can tell, there's now way to fix them). Nate knew I was hunting for a replacement. I had found one online but it was a touch pricy... good sale but... more than $5 that I paid for the tree it was replacing. So last night in comes Nate with this little tree which he insisted on giving to me. Oh - and I almost forgot that last Sunday Dan brought me a Merry Christmas thing for my door. It's really sweet. I'll share a photo at some point but it's already taking me forever to write this today and taking more photos would just add another delay.

Almost done with my list... Later today, I'm getting new phones... They weren't a gift and I suppose I should wait to talk about them since they haven't arrived, but I'm really excited about getting them. Found a deal on answering machine and phone with a second handset all for $35. I've long wanted a phone in the bedroom because given my physical issues it's kind of stupid not to have one there. This new phone - hopefully - will have the virtue of being smaller and not reprogrammable by the cats as the current phone is. They change my message, turn the answer machine off, do all sorts of things to it. Stomp all over it... even when I'm talking to people. Sigh. This morning it was off the hook. I'm hoping that this new one will solve that problem. And it was half price. I love a good sale. And this phone is cordless! Needless to say, I'm profoundly grateful for FedEx and UPS who so kindly bring me stuff from time to time.

And of course last but not least, last night - or perhaps the wee hours of this morning, my house was "cosmically harmonized." I'll write about that more as the days go by, but I think it's such a cool gift to have received. I don't know if it's my imagination or not, but the energy in the house feels "lighter" to me. I slept really well and I feel more energetic than I have in a while. This could be because I went to bed earlier and got up earlier... In any case, I'm very happy about it and will share more later in the month.

So, anyway, this morning, I am awed and grateful for so many small and large gifts and improvements in my home life. And grateful as always to have this sweet home and the beauty and wonder that surrounds it.

Have a fantastic day!


Dianne said...

I have so much to say!!

first of all I love how much you enjoy and appreciate everything, it is such a lesson for me

Mia and Siren lose toys all the time, especially Siren who will lose his favorite little mouse and then destroy the house - usually at 4 AM - looking for it. I hide the stick toys too - again Mr. Siren tends to eat them.

why courage for the microwave? it won't hurt ya. or are you like me? I'm always certain that new appliances will blow up - when the new refrigerator first came I kept checking to see what the noise was - it was the ice maker. I would put my ear to the door - Jeffrey caught me once and now tells everyone I was checking to see if the refrigerator was breathing. Smart ass!!

Love both photos!!

Travis said...

My Mr Tucker has 3 favorite toys that he never manages to lose. I should do a post about one of them. It's not a normal toy for a cat, but every time he's getting out of sorts, I get the toy and he pulls it to him and settles right down.

It's quite extraordinary.

gabrielle said...

Sauvi is a very serious cat. So serious that she even ignores the sparkly balls!!! After spending about $50 on cat toys, including a cat palace with parapets which she snubbed, I finally gave up. One night she went after my dental floss. Dental floss?!!! Who knew?? I was so relieved to learn she was a cat after all.

storyteller said...

I’ve followed your ‘gratitude’ series this month … savored the images and words you’ve shared (love that little squirrel & the sky shots especially) … and the kitty collage today is great fun. Thanks for sharing …
Hugs and blessings,

Dr.John said...

I rejoice with you at all the gifts and how good you feel. Those are very special people around you and they really care for you.

Lulda Casadaga said...

Gifts are wonderful any day! Love the kitties...they look they are having a blast.
Thanks for posting about the Reiki
and Dennis...I did send him a message and I do believe he helped me out...I also check out your hands from time to time.
I'm sending you warm thoughts for the that snow!!!

SnoopMurph said...

I think I am waay off on my post numbers. is so nice that you had visitors and wonderful things to remember them.

I love a good sale too. I just got a box with a Lego Advent calendar for the boys and a new writing book I wanted. I cannot wait until I get to sit with them tonight after the boys are asleep.

Keep that light energy going over there-it sounds really nice!

Carletta said...

For a few days now I have read your posts and sat smiling through them. You can almost 'hear' how sincere and grateful you are. It makes me smile more though because you sound so much more relaxed that those pre-election days - I'm glad.
Do I see a faint touch of pink in that sky photo?

Finding Pam... said...

Raven, as always you bring such joy to all that read your post. I love how much you appreciate the little things and that you never take anything for granted. I loved the picutres of your cats. I am thankful for your friends that love and take extra good care of you.