Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Day Off

My apologies for yet another day off.  Louise pushed her luck and had a run-in with Angel last night and I think again this morning. Or maybe she died last night and I didn't realize. I'm hoping maybe Louise died of fright. There didn't seem to be any blood, just a dead mouse. Anyway, Angel was acting all weird this morning to the point that she was driving me crazy and then at some point she got Louise's body where I could see it.  Have to say that my grabber came in very handy for the disposal process. Alas, when I get mega anxious, which I do when creatures die and have to be disposed of like this, my stomach gets very contrary and doesn't like to keep anything down, so it has been an extremely unpleasant and exhausting evening. There's nothing really IN my stomach any more but it still feels like it wants to throw something up. Sorry to be so graphic. Sorry to duck out on posting, but I'm just not up to it at all. Tomorrow will be better.  


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Argent said...

As sad as it is, at least that solves the problem of the unwanted houseguest. I have a friend whose three cats are prolific mousers and when I look after them for him during his vacation there is nearly always a tiny body or two to remove. No blood ever, just a little body. I think, because the cats are well-fed, they have no need to try and eat what they kill. They despatch with a swift bite to the neck usually - the one time I saw this it was super-quick.

Hope your tum settles down.