Friday, January 30, 2009

Obsessed with Icicles

I seem unable to stop taking photo after photo of the icicles hanging off my eaves right now, hoping to catch how interesting and odd the shapes are and how the light glints inside them. So far I haven't satisfied myself really... and then some new glow pops up and I have to try again. Yesterday, even though it was still very cold, the sun was out and they were dripping. This morning they seem to have stretched a bit, but there's no melting. So not many words today. Don't think I have enough energy to do Skywatch today, so I'm just going to post my icicles and go take a nap. Hope those who are in the hardest hit parts of the country have their power back and are snug and warm and safe. So far it has been cold here and snowy, but that's all. Only February left, which means Spring is on the way, right? It is coming, isn't it?


Casdok said...

I do hope so!

Wonderful photos. I especially love the ones with the light shining through.

Anonymous said...

You did a great job of catching the crystal glow and flash, especially on the close ups!


Chilled hands of winter
With frozen fingers dangling
Pry at the roof top.



I lifted that from my poetry blog. The title is, Heating Bill Explained, and I posted it on January 22nd, 2007.

Lu' said...

Some of those remind me of polar bear paws.

Carletta said...

I'm so with you. I've been trying to do the same and I'm totally not satisfied but can't stand the cold wind to stay out.
Staying in you've done well. I love the night shot and the glow from your neighbor's window. The fifth one of funny shapes is pretty cool.

Melli said...

You have waaaaaaay more and waaaaay BETTER icicles than we do! As a matter of fact, I keep wondering what the heck HAPPENED to the kind of icicles I remember from my childhood? We must have the WRONG kind of roof! Too slanted maybe? Must run off too fast to drip and freeze... I think your shots are fabulous!

Ali said...

Oh my Raven, your icicle photos are so magical! How beautiful! So different to this side of the world where we're dripping away from the heat!

Dianne said...

I love icicles and your series is like a collection of the best icicles

I smell coffee table art book ;)

Unknown said...

I like icicles, too. You've got a really nice collection here. #5 is my favorite. I'll have to make up a post of my icicle shots. Not as good as yours but since you're a fan of the icicle, you might like them. I'll let you know when I put it up!

Pleasure as always, Raven.

floreta said...

those are some amazing icicle pictures. love how the light glints.