Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday - hosted by Mary/the Teach at Work of the Poet - is here again. I didn't think to check and see if there is a theme this week and it's too late now, so I'm just offering the odd hodge-podge below. Not very happy with any of these, but I'm in a kind of blue mood for posting reds. My eyes are hungry for green right now... and winter has barely begun. But time will fly and one day soon I'll wake up and be surprised that Spring is here, I guess.

It is bleak and gray today, but I noticed this tiny
touch of red in the back yard.

Inside, I noticed these. A few months back, I got a year (18-month)
supply of garbage bags
from Amazon.com. Really good buy and
now I don't have to worry about running out.

In another life, I worked for the Lutheran Church in American
when I lived in NYC. One year they gave all of us a collection
of rice paper paintings of scenes from the Bible. This is my least
favorite, but it was handy.

A really bad photo of one of my new prayer flags.

My friend Rosalie came for a visit last weekend and brought me this
red bowl (with the oranges). I thought I'd put the little red
from the rain stick
into the shot too. That's a picture of my late father
and if you look really carefully
you can see a red plaid shirt that's part
of a picture of my niece and her husband.

And that's my Ruby Tuesday submission for this week.
Have a great day!


Finding Pam said...

I think your photos are lovely, especially the tree with the red berries.

I am sorry that you are blue. I always do better when I see the sunshine, even when it is cold.

Sylvia K said...

Love your photos and especially the red berries! Fun post! Thank you for sharing!

Pia K said...

I think that rice paper painting is really pretty, the ark brimming with sweet looking animals. Happy RT!

Carletta said...

Great finds Raven - the berries on the tree against the snow is especially nice!

I had to smile at the trash bags. Did you realize you have three showing so I'm singing the commercial - hefty, hefty, hefty... :)

I love winter but with much more snow than I've seen. If I can't have snow I would rather the warm weather come on back.

Anonymous said...

I know what it is like to feel blue in the midst of white and long for green. That is why I am still so thrilled to live in Hawaii. I thrive on sunshine and green.

Anonymous said...

I love the red berry shot in the snow! Very nice capture. I wish I had an 18 month supply of trash bags. Trouble is that I don't know what I'd do with 'em all. It's not fun to run out of them. I've posted a red shirt, well sort of.

Quiet Paths said...

I enjoyed these; you come up with some neat ideas for this meme. I especially like the prayer flag and the little red somethings in your yard. It's amazing how seeing gray day after day will enhance our sensitivity to color!

Leora said...

I love the red bowl with oranges. And red berries are wonderful to find, when the sky is gray and the trees are bare. Your ark animals look so serious. Hope you can find some cheer in place of the blue on this Ruby of a Tuesday.

Patti said...

I think these photos are great, Raven. All have interesting stories to accompany them!
The Noah's Ark rice paper painting is cute.

I'm sorry you are feeling blue. Blogging helps, right?

Happy Ruby Tuesday.

gabrielle said...

I love the red berries. Finding color in a bleak landscape nourishes the soul.

I have the blahs too and your post raised my spirits. The bowl is beautiful.

thank you for your vision. deep peace and soft winter light to you, Raven.

Felisol said...

Dear Raven,
Sorry to learn you've got the January blues.
Gunnar has this lamp with artificial daylight. It is supposed to help against lack of sun and daylight.
I am sending out a wish for you to get one of these.
January first I picked three branches of our Forsythia tree. Now they are blooming with tiny yellow flowers.
The first spring flowers are all yellow. Today I bought yellow primroses as well.

Your pictures never stop to amaze me.
The beauty of the red, frozen berries.
Your garbage bags, so sensible, with a splash of black humor.

The rice paper print was artistic, so your prayer flag.
What have been puzzling me is the decorated stick laying in front of your last picture.
It's nice in colors and figures, but what is it???

Than you for sending reiki.
It is much appreciated.
From Felisol

Dr.John said...

Great choices , each so different from the other.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are so fun and lovely.

I especially love the one with the berries...so soft and soothing.

Askew To You said...

My eyes are ready for more green, too. :D

I enjoyed your photos, in particular I like the composition of the boxes of bags. Pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

These photos with red show your innovative spirit. My favorite is the first ... but the one with your prayer flag held my attention a bit longer than the others. May sunshine peek through the grey skies and lift your spirits ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Mojo said...

What language is that on the flag? Looks like it could be Sanskrit, but since I don't read Sanskrit I could be wrong. (I can mange a little Hindi, as long as I can take my time, but the script is very different from this.)

Love the berries in the snow. It's almost like spot color... only natural.

EG CameraGirl said...

Such a varied selection or ruby red items, Raven! I hope you'll tell us mre about the prayer flag. ;-)

Dianne said...

love the prayer flag! and the bowl - the composition of that shot is wonderful

there is a little (or a big) something about each photo to love - that's what I always love about your photo collections

me ann my camera said...

Love the red berries and so would the birds!