Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Jon Stewart on the News Media

I just love Jon Stewart. This is brilliant - as always.

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gabrielle said...

Jon Stewart is brilliant! The irony is that he is reporting about the vacuous talking heads from a non-news program.

Hope you are feeling better.

allee kat said...

I don't watch Jon Stewart often enough!

Just participated in your wonderful Wordzzle exercise yesterday for the 1st time and added my name to Mr. Linky.

Feel better and enjoy this day!

Nessa said...

We're all like, I know, Jon.

Carletta said...

My hubby watches him every night!

sgreerpitt said...

"I find it interesting..." that I can get more real insight on world affairs from Jon Stewart in 30 minutes than I can get from CNN and MSNBC combined in 24 hours (we don't even consider FOX).

San said...

Bummer. The video won't load on my poky old DSL connection. Maybe when I'm at home, on another computer.

I too love Jon Stewart!