Friday, June 26, 2009

Saturday Wordzzle Challenge: Week 69

This is week 69 of the Saturday Wordzzle challenge. Anyone new to the process can refer back here to find out how it works. Well, I had an awful time getting started, but I'm sort of pleased with my mega... or at least my creative use of some of the worlds there. This was a tough bunch of words, I thought. Looking forward to reading what everyone else has come up with.

The words for this week's ten word challenge were: Chorus line, clam chowder, apples, jack-in-the-box, puddles, Iran, quarry, housekeeping, speed, letter For the mini challenge: motorcycle, grandiose, summer, flying off the handle, blue jays

My ten word for this week is:
Dan and Jane were thrilled to be visiting New York City for the first time in their lives. It was their honeymoon and along with reservations at a beautiful hotel (the ambiance was wonderful), their families had bought them tickets for A Chorus Line, their first ever Broadway play. The speed and density of the city was both overwhelming and exciting to those not used to it. It had rained and navigating huge puddles that in places were more like lakes while also avoiding pedestrians and cabs made them wonder how city folk survived. But the city was magical. And full of culinary wonders. They had promised themselves that for this week of their honeymoon, there would be no meals at Jack-in-the-Box and they were enjoying a series of amazing experiences. Last night they had eaten the best clam chowder in the world and an apple pie for dessert that was "to die for." The housekeeping staff from the hotel (they were so kind and friendly and had taken Dan and Jane under their wings) had recommended it - a place called The Quarry. They had alredy been to the Museum of Natural History and seen the Great Blue Whale and mummies and all sorts of amazing things. Tomorrow they would go to an art museum and then the play. They were going to have Italian food before the "theater." And then real NYC Chinese food in China town the next day. And then - they were so excited about this - at the hotel they had met a man from Iran who had taken a liking to them and he was going to take them to an Afghanistani restaurant that belong to friends of his. That was for their last day of this amazing adventure that was the start of their life together. It was all to much for a post card and Jane had already written a letter home to her folks and to his. Their marriage was off to a great start. They were happy.

My mini:
Hank Smith had grandiose visions of a wild summer adventure with his motorcycle gang - they called themselves the Blue Jays. They were an exciting group of guys, full of high spirits, a love of the road and a taste for wild times, though none of them was prone to flying off the handle in either the literal or figurative sense. It was going to be a great journey, assuming, of course, that his wife would let him go.

The maxi:
Housekeeping was not Summer Martin's thing. She preferred eating an apple off the tree to baking it in a pie and her clam chowder came straight out of the can. Speed appealed to her more than quality. She was not ashamed to say that. It was who she was. Speedy meals, speedy transportation. No fancy car for her. Give her a motorcycle any day. She'd put her dog jack in the box that he traveled in, strap it to her cycle on a warm day and ride out to the quarry for a swim and picnic. There was a time when she had tried letting him ride free, but that stopped when she saw another cyclist's pet go flying off the handles and get seriously injured. She had no intention of seeing her beloved dog turned into a puddle of blood and broken bones so he rode confined these days. To be honest, she thought he preferred it. He still got the wind in his fur through the bars but he was safe and solid in his own private compartment. Once they arrived, Jack would bark at the chorus line of blue jays, and chase squirrels and run around in euphoric circles like the hero hunter he thought himself to be. A few months back on one of their adventures, she and Jack had found a handsome prince (he really was a prince too - his family was some kind of royalty from Iran or something like that) and his beautiful dog ShaSha. It sounded foolish - grandiose even - but as she had written in the letter to her parents - it had seemed like kismet, like destiny. The motorcycle rebel who doesn't cook or care about any kind of status is about to marry a prince. Who says the Gods don't have a sense of humor.


Next Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: Florida, spit, child bride, operatic, busy, holding pattern, sunflowers, ginger jars, office, superintendent

For the mini challenge: music to my ears, plot, powerful, braggart, super model

Thanks for playing. For those who are new, here are some guidelines to make the process more fun.

Enjoy! See you next week.



quilly said...

Very good stories this week, Raven. Your words flowed so easily it is hard to believe they came from a prescribed list.

Summer is very smart keeping her beloved dog in a cage. I have seen a pet in a motorcycle accident and it wasn't pretty.

Richard said...

Raven: Great stories this week. My fav was the honeymoon.

We went dancing tonight and I'm just back, sitting on the patio with the required adult beverage and a good cigar.

Was totally uninspired this week and did not add another episode.

Used the words in an excuse letter instead.

Have a beautiful weekend. I saw your pictures the last two weeks and envy the beauty and lushness that surrounds your home.


CJ said...

I, too, liked your mega-challenge best. Clever use of the words.

I'm glad you are feeling at least a little bette these days.

I'm sponsoring a Giveaway on my blog (there is a link to the details in my Wordzzle post.) Prizes are pieces of my art work, matted and ready to pop into a standard-sized frame ---since you are renovating, something might appeal to you.

Akelamalu said...

I was out all day yesterday so didn't get round to visiting anyone, but I will.

I love the honeymoon story Raven and we were both on the same track this week with a motorcycle gang called the Blue Jays!

Batteson.Ind said...

Love your maxi story! Like what you did with jack in the box! Cheers for supplying more great words and stories this week!

Dr.John said...

Three great stories, as usual.
I loved the joy and wonder of the first. I liked the freedom of the third.
But I really liked the second because I am a sucker for a surprise ending.

HeatherK said...

I like *grandiose visions of a wild summer adventure * All of my summers start that way then I realize the money required for some of them.

I love the name, Summer Martin She is very wise to use a pet carrier, Seeing one's precious in a puddle of blood and bones would not be nice.

Happy weekend.

bettygram said...

Dan and Jane had a very nice honeymoon. I hope Harry gets to go on his trip. Summer met her prince. All very nice stories.

Fandango said...

We dragons would have been happier if you had cooked some of those apples in the clam chowder and made our favorite dish.
The next time the young couple goes to New York we have just the restaurant for them. Great story
We don't like motorcycles they are too noisy but the story is nice.
If that dog flies off the bike we would be glad to catch him and there would be no blood. Dogs are very tasty. Lovely romantic story. You must have had romance on the brain today.

Reston Friends! said...

I love the first one -- a tribute to or inspired by your nephew's wedding and your wishes for them to have a happy, joyful marriage?

The second brought a smile at the twist ending.

And I liked the maxi best if for no other reason than the way you used 'jack in the box'. That was a LOL moment!

Well done!

DawnTreader said...

I loved the maxi especially, good story and very good use of words (jack in the box absolutely brilliant...)

Stephen said...

I liked your stories. In the first one it sounds like the couple is really enjoying their honeymoon in New York. In the second one, I'm not sure he's going to get his wish to spend his summer with his motorcycle gang, unless maybe he lets his wife come along. He had a nice name for his gang, though. It was interesting in the third story about how a person who liked the simple life was going to marry a prince. I also liked the dog who rode with her on the motorcycle, at first unrestrained and later in his own box. I liked how you used the phrase "jack in the box" for that, too. This story was probably my favorite.

I saw your description of your computer problems in a previous post. Your computer sounds almost as bad as mine, but mine is 10 years old and uses Windows 98. Perhaps Windows or another application did an update that doesn't mix well with things, or maybe some setting somewhere got changed and that is slowing things down. If a new program or service was recently installed, that might also be a source of the problem. Sometimes these have settings that can be adjusted. Another possibility is that there's some problem with memory or diskspace, or maybe some bad program that you don't know about installed itself. You might have to have the computer checked by a professional, but back up all your files first onto something you can keep with you.

I have my own stories up now.

Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Unknown said...

Raven: You are a wonderful writer! Since it has been a taxing week, I better select the Mini Challenge:
Never mind Che Guevera, when I think of a motorcycle, the local Harley Davidson dealership is nearby. True, an ample number of older hippes own then, but so do wealthy people. because face it: Harley's are expensive, and when "fully dressed"--as the term goes--some may find them a bit grandiose. But in the spirit of playing the Lottery and "What the hell?", it's summer! I just watched the Steve McQueen movie with Lee Remick, "Baby the Rain Must Fall" and of course this brought to mind flying off the handle". However, the opposite of this can be found with a visit to Photos by Barbara Ann, where blue jays abound and photos of new birds entering the world have been captured beautifully!

Carletta said...

All are wonderful Raven as I would expect!
I chuckled at Hank's story - 'if his wife would let him go.'
You definitely used the words brillantly in the mega.
Flying off the handles, chorus line of blue jays, jack in the box - super use of these.

Chubby Chieque said...

Is everything ok overthere?

Hope your enjoying your w/end and the weather.