Saturday, September 19, 2009

World Gratitude, Day 2


I'm thinking maybe I'll post the daily gratitude emails in case anyone wants to join in. I'm a day late doing this and don't promise to be consistent.

Yesterday's suggestion was something I do already. Start and end your day by counting your blessing, giving thanks.

This morning's email read as follows. I like this because although I usually (forgot this morning) give thanks for clean running water when I take my shower, I was too busy struggling with logistics and anxiety this morning to remember, so this was a good reminder to do so retroactively. But back to my main point. I never thought of doing this before. I always like getting a new idea, so here's the email:

*artwork gifted by Elizabeth Yelland*
Welcome Beloved One-ness,
Today, let's begin within and bless all the waters in our
body. You see, as our blessed Heart beats true with Love
and Gratitude, waters Will begin to mirror divinity within,
creating ripples of time expressing Life sublime while
thoughts projecting inner reflectings serve to
create NOW.

So just imagine ...

By flooding our bodily waters with Love and Gratitude
graceful waves will ripple into all of Creation, e-motionally
projecting a super-charged vibration, allowing intended
manifestations to BE.

Give thanks, for it IS so!

As you feel complete within, imagine this blessed beat
flowing lovingly through others, and on to all the waters
of Earth.

Feel grateful knowing Yes! you are this powerful,
connected, and Divine.
NOW, as a co-creator of World Gratitude, it's time to
set an intention ~ one you wish to see come into
being ... uniquely suited to serve your highest good, and
that of others, too.

Create a vivid image of this with your imagination.
Feel its presence, hear its gift, taste its treasure and see
its depth and magnificence. Love this intention as it IS

Give thanks, in advance, for its manifestation while
allowing the Law of Attraction to deliver this intended
creation with Grace, style and ease.
Perhaps you will wish to share this in the FORUM,
allowing others to magnify and accelerate the arrival this

You may also choose to record it in a journal, online or
written. Or ... simply close your eyes and breathe in the
intention, breathe out the manifestation.
Be true to what feels right for you and all Will
manifest through Love and Gratitude!


Go Gratitude!


"What happens if you ... allow this charged water
(intention) to constantly evaporate (breathe) into the
atmosphere where it will interact and proliferate with all
the other water molecules? Now, people and other life
forms, would be breathing in air which, of course, contains
moisture or water molecules that have been energetically
charged with our positive concepts, which in turn would
affect all the water within their bodies and so on - thus
affecting the entire planet.
If we (are yet) to achieve the "no mind" state of being
attributed to the enlightened few, why not bypass the
whole thought process altogether and let the water do
much of this work for us, while we continue to work on
ourselves? This would allow us to work on ourselves from
both the inside out and the outside in while simultaneously
slowly influencing progress in the masses".
- The Puzzle Pieces, submitted by D. Freeman.

It is during our time, through managing our
choices, that we are invited to create an outer
world that mirrors our innermost prayers and
dreams. -- Gregg Braden, The Isaiah Effect



Now for a little whining... Sigh... so much for pure gratitude. I'm afraid of my new bathroom. I'm afraid I'll break it. And I'm still having trouble with the new seat. The new height is much better but the floor still feels very slippery when I sit on it. I think I'm going to get myself a rubber mat for the floor of the shower. You'd think a disability shower wouldn't come with a slippery floor, though, wouldn't you? Anyway, the seat folds up, so I can use my old one and I know I just have to learn a new system for how to manage things logistically. I feel stupid for being anxious when I've got all this cool new stuff. What is WRONG with me, anyway. It really is wonderful and I know once it's a little broken in, all this anxiety will go away. I just had to get that out of my system. Kind of like true confessions or something. It sure is pretty in there.

Beautiful day here. Chilly but beautiful. Angel's new thing - kitchen is mostly packed up now and she can access the top of the refrigerator - is to go up there and cry. Being me, I thought she had gotten herself stuck up there and I got anxious and when I get anxious, I get cranky so I started yelling at her because she wouldn't let me help her (probably because she was perfectly fine and didn't need or want any help). Then I had to apologize to her for being cranky. As I'm typing this there has been a loud crash from the kitchen. I'm not even going to go look.

I'm just thankful she's alive and that I'm alive and that all these wonderful blessings are coming to me and that the sky is blue and the tree outside my window is a beautiful fall gold.

Happy Rosh Hashana to those who celebrate
and Happy Saturday to all of us.


Carletta said...

I looked at the gratitude site yesterday and wasn't quite sure what was happening. So, I guess if you sign up you get an email for the day? Reading the email you posted is more meaning than I can unravel at the moment. :)
I'm sure your new bathroom will soon feel comfortable. Just give it time.
My, your leaves seem much more yellow than here. I guess I better enjoy my green while it lasts.

Argent said...

I think counting one's blessings is a much under-used and under-rated thing. I once came across an idea in a Robin Hobb book: every night, one of the characters would "forgive the day", basically go over all the bad stuff and lay it to rest. This is the flipside, I tihnk, to counting the blessings. We're in a real state of grace when we can be honestly thankful for the bad as well as the good (nope, I'm not there yet!).

Apropos the shower, etc. I think it's natural to be anxious and feel a bit out of sorts. Changes, even welcome ones, are still a bit stressful as you go from the devil you know to the angel you don't (yet). Listen to me, rambling on! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Janie B said...

Hang in there, Raven. Your dream bathroom may take getting used to, but you will enjoy it eventually. If something is not right, though, don't hesitate to call them back to fix it.

Thanks for reminding me to be grateful. I often give thanks for clean water in the shower, too. But, I should be grateful for much more.

Anonymous said...

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