Sunday, September 20, 2009

World Gratitude, Day 3

Good morning... well almost afternoon, I see. Didn't know this was going to take so long to write. It's now definitely afternoon. I'm grateful that I'm catching up on my sleep, though I did miss the presidential media blitz this morning. I guess I can be grateful that I missed the whole Sunday morning "irritate Katherine" fest since PBS is having a fund raising special. Whew! This was today's email from the World Gratitude folks. I have written my response below it.

artwork source: spiritus sanctus
Greetings Gratitude Masters,
Today, consider twelve people who have profoundly
influenced and inspired you ... be these friends, family,
authors, explorers, artists or leaders ... remember, these may
be any number of INFINITE possibilities.
Call to them with your heart, giving thanks for their presence
in your life, sending a wave of energetic appreciation their way.
Now, emotionally invite these Masters to guide you through
these 42 days of World Gratitude - energetically connecting to
their widsom, example and experience - in order to form a
circle of support, intimately familiar to YOU, that will
ultimately serve everyone at World Gratitude.
By giving thanks to, connecting with and inviting in these
powerfully influential beings, our gathering exponentially shifts,
our affinity range expands, and our collective field of consciousness
is flooded as we re-awaken to the power of full-spectrum
living - Universal Humans, infinitely connected to One Source,
One Love, One NOW.
As you choose ... spend some time reflecting on the
Wheel of Transformation asking:
  • What areas are represented by their influence?
  • What are your current areas of strength?
  • Where might you choose to grow, expand, and integrate
    (k)new areas of awareness?
  • Who will arrive to assist in this process?
  • When might you be called to do this for another, too?
* Concept by Barbara Marx Hubbard *
* Artwork by Carol H. Grey *
Congratulations - our three days of preparation are complete.
Remember, throughout the 42 days of World Gratitude (and
beyond!), intentionally focus on Gratitude as you Wake to Dream
and Drift to Sleep, continually holding a silent prayer in your
heart, blessings all bodies of water with your Love and Gratitude.
Just imagine where we will be when we reach Day 43!
26 Gemini, The Angels of . . . Spiritual Families
"Ye must be born again."
We teach and inspire those who have experienced rebirth into
spiritual awareness, the "second birth".
In utero and infancy, the Delta brainwave state of pure being
and oneness with Divine Consciousness and Life and unity with
all Creation is natural, effortless, and dominant. Spriritual
awareness requires regaining this deep brainwave state of 0 to
4 oscillations per second, so that pure being and unity with
Divine Consciousness and Creation is experienced as the
ground of being in everyday life.
In this deep brainwave state, complete safety and timelessness
are experienced, the body is alkaline, and omnipresence,
omnipotence, and omniscience are accessable.
We keep these spiritual families (in Gratitude) so that a state of
complete safety is maintained, allowing the deep delta
brainwave state to continue without interruption.
Therefore we guide them to form ... societies or
families for the purpose of co-creating, knowing,
feeling, and manifesting in form, the splendor and
majesty of Divine Life together.
"Build your house upon a rock."
The other brainwave patterns are built upon this delta brainwave
foundation and flow from it. These are deep inner divine thought
or Theta brainwaves, pure flowing divine feelings or Alpha
brainwaves, and divine logic, memory, and sensation of the Beta
brainwave state.
We carefully guide Children of Light and Love who have been
reborn in this way into spiritual families and communities that
nurture the Divine Kingdom.
"On Earth as it is in Heaven."
Through resonance and art, these individuals and families guide
others into full awakening.
Divine Patterns are recursive embedded fractals. This
means that every Divine Pattern is repeated over and over again,
in ever larger sizes, into infinity, according to precise mathematical
It is for this reason that an atom looks like a solar system and that
it has been written that each Child of Light is made in the image
and likeness of The Divine.
"As above, so below."
However, even though fractals are similar, each one has unique
features. Everything in Creation that is an expression of Divine
Consciousness and Feeling is therefore individual and one of a
kind. This is a most important polarity: sameness and uniqueness.
Therefore, the ONE BEING expresses through Universal Life which
is made up of many continuums that express polarities.
~ spiritus sanctus,

World Gratitude Gathering ~
~ Aligning with the Heart's calling and Embracing the

Great*full*ness of Life! ~


12 masters! Wow... that's not an easy assignment. Who to choose. Here are 12 in totally random order.

1. Louise Hay, author of YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE a book which was greatly influential for me.

2. Jame Mulry, aka "Dr. Jim," my therapist. With laughter, humor, kindness, unbelievable patience, he has helped me unlearn distorted and destructive life views I got from my family, heal from deep wounds of incest and abuse, and listen to and reprogram my own craziness. He is a gift.

3. Richard Henrickson. Rick, who died of a brain tumor 15 year ago, was the unrequited love of my life, but he was also a gifted pastor who lived embodied the essence of scripture without perverting it by trying to control those around him. He had his flaws, but he was a deeply kind and loving man. He was the first person to tell me that my brother was a danger to me and to nudge me into therapy. He also taught me to share my ideas and opinions and raised my self-esteem from non-existence.

4. Jane Roberts and Seth. The Seth Books are channelled material, Seth being a Spirit Guide from "the other side." These books opened a whole new universe to me. Whether or not one believes in channelling or life beyond life, the spiritual guidance and wisdom contained in these books is profound and life altering.

5. Pat Rodegast and Emmanuel. Similar to the Seth Books, Emmaunel is a channelled spirit. I can't say enough good things about Emmanuel's Book I. It's poetic wisdom. I was lucky enough to have a private reading many years ago with Pat and Emmanuel. It changed my life. I will always be grateful for the experience.

I've got to come up with 12? Aggggh! This is only 5.

6. Jesus. Although I am much turned off to the church, which I believe distorts and misunderstand much of what Jesus said, the core teaching of Jesus - about loving your neighbor, doing unto others, that we are children of God (not just the image), the power of forgiveness... are at the core of my own values system.

7. Buddah. Another being who embodied love.

8. My sister Carole. She loved me and encouraged and affirmed me.

9. Connie and Joyce, my reiki teachers. Reiki has been such a blessing in my life. It has allowed me to participate in miracles, to share my love in a tangible way and has deepened my faith in the visceral reality of the Divine.

10. Hal and Sidra Stone. The Stones invented a therapeutic process called Voice Dialog. This is a process of learning to hear and work with the inner voices that run rampant in our heads. Inner critics, inner children. I did a workshop process learning to do this and it changed my life. Recognizing the self-destructive dialog that was going on inside me made me aware of aspects of my life that I hadn't dealt with and helped me move from self hate to having more compassion for my own humanity and suffering. I recommend their books, particularly Embracing Ourselves.

11. My mother. Much of what I learned from my mother was negative. She was a profoundly wounded soul, damaged by cruelty and poverty and brutality in her childhood and by the worst kind of religion - the kind that has no love in it, but only shaming and cruelty. I learned shame from her, but I learned so much else, good and bad. She still rules in my head in negative ways, but she also taught me that kindess mattered, she taught me to think about other people, she taught me about wry humor. She gave love the best way she knew how. She hurt me deeply much if not most of the time, but when I looked at her, I saw a glow of white light around her. She had a passion for justice, a desire to know and learn. From her, I think I got the worst of who I am, but also the best.

12. Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham. Abraham is another channeled entity. Last year I read a wonderful book called Ask and It is Given. Humor, love, wisdom. A perfect guide on the gratitude path. The book is brilliant, easy to read and a great guide for living a happier life.

Whew! This was a tough assignment. Of course I wanted to list so many other people... friends and family who have touched and touch me every day. But how to choose?


Janie B said...

You have had an interesting life. I love reading about it. It's a window into who you are, and that is a priceless gift to those of us on the outside looking in. I think you and I have many of the same views about the world, politics, religion, and possibilities. I have books by Louise Hay and the Hicks too. I guess that is why I'm drawn to your blog, my friend.

Unknown said...

Janie B. said it best. You are special, indeed, Raven! Smiles to you!!!:D)

Carletta said...

Raven, it would have taken me all day to get my thoughts together to write a post like this. 45 days is a daunting task to me. However, I love reading yours and comparing my own life and thoughts. I'm still trying to think of the 12 people who most contributed to my life. I think I could name three or four.
Your posts make me think and of that I'm most appreciative.