Monday, December 06, 2010

Daily Reminder # 189

Was bitterly cold here today (23 degrees F) and it SNOWED... mercifully not very much, though. More is expected. Sigh. May not be winter officially but it's winter enough for my taste. That said, it wasn't a bad day. I just watched a two- part movie through Netflix's Instant viewing and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was something very silly that I had never heard of before called The Color of Magic. Last night I watched and AWESOME movie that my niece Cindy recommended called Howl's Moving Castle. It's one of a number by  a man named Hayao Miyazaki that have produced by Disney. They are masterpieces. The other one I've seen was Spirited Away. I highly recommend them. Of the two I've seen I think the moving castle one was my favorite.

It's very late and I'm tired (but happy), so I think I'll just do gratitude tonight.  Not much in the way of photos. My windows really need cleaning.

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • netflix
  • music
  • Pandora
  • Hayao Miyazaki
  • laughter
  • Angel and Tara Grace
  • the sound of purring
  • kitty hugs
  • V-8 Splash
  • a warm shower
  • clean hair
  • electricity
  • my furnace
  • my sweet house
  • my new 22" Vizio flat screen TV
  • my new camera with lots of pixels & zoom
  • my new clothes dryer
  • my big PCH sweepstakes win
  • my Bose sound System
  • Zero balance on my credit cards
  • clean windows
  • apples
  • cheese
  • yogurt & cottage cheese (they improve each other)
  • sleep
  • angels
  • reiki
  • beauty
  • less than an inch of snow
  • my nieces and my nephew & my great niece & nephew
  • possibilities
  • life

Have a Lovely Day!


The Bug said...

I'm loving that you're putting the things you hope for on your gratitude list - some of them match things that I hope for too! Zero balance on my credit cards & winning the lottery are at the top :)

Argent said...

Miyazaki and Studio Gibli films are truly excellent. I adored Sprited Away, myself but there are many really good ones so get as many of them as you can. The Colour of Magic was shown over here on Sky and is excellent. Check out others by the same makers: Going Postal is very good, Hogfather (apt for this time of year). Have you read Terry Pratchett's books? Can't reccommend them enough.