Sunday, July 01, 2012

Daily Reminder # 703

Another hot day today.  I think I'm just going to share a few more videos of MaMuse.  You can here somewhat "purer" versions on their website with the lyrics as well. I think they are quite unique. 

Paragraph gratitude, tonight, I think. I give thanks for many things. Fans, water, a wet cloth on the back of my neck, electricity, the orange glow of my Tibetan salt lamps, bread and butter, iced tea mixed with lemonade, the ability to read and write, (ordered cat litter today). I give thanks for Angel and Tara Grace, of course. Poor girls are miserable in this heat. The up side of their misery is that they are very well behaved. Most Angel can muster in this heat is some whining and a few restless hugs. I'm thankful for my house, for my computer and my TV and email and Pandora Radio and music and singing and listening and my Bose speakers. I give thanks for my nieces and my nephew and their families and for the fact that they are happy and well adjusted and successful and healthy. Thank you for beauty, for flowers and the view from my front window and for Sam-e and coconut oil and other good things. Thank you for the smell of lavender and white sage, for my wonderful mattress and my walker/chair and my cane and my legs which are sticking with me even though they hurt sometimes and need help to get me from room to room. Thank you for the miracles of sight and taste and touch and hearing and smell. Thank you for words and ideas and imagination. Thank you for YouTube and Google and the wonders and blessings of the computer age. Thank you for my friends and neighbors. Thank you for food and refrigeration and indoor plumbing and modern life. Thank you for reiki and the wonder and joy of participating in small miracles. Thank you for all the good things - that check from PCH and a way to hook up my dryer and that birthday gathering and all the things the Creative Forces of the Universe are currently creating on my behalf. Thank you for humor and laughter and love and life.  Thank you for all the things I haven't listed.  Amen.


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