Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 214

There are rumors afoot that I will not be the only wordzzler this week, which makes me even more apologetic for posting a couple of hours later than normal. I was thinking I'd try to do my exercises this evening, but since I'm trying not to fall asleep as I type this, I guess they will wait until tomorrow.

I'm not the Lone Wordzzler this week! Yee ha!  I am however the sucky wordzzler. I am just dragging through the process. Have a ten-word done but it's lame and am having to fight to go on. Helps to have the incentive of being able to read what someone else has written when I'm done to spur me on.  

3:45 - I have everything I wrote today. So it goes. The last piece it isn't autobiographical, by the way... just sort of incoherent.

Words for this week's 10-word challenge were: vocalize, vandal, virtue, visitor, vim and vigor, vermillion, vague, vacuous, vines, validate  And for the mini:  voodoo, vixen, veracity, valid, vital

My mega:

Virtually every visitor to Veronica Vixen's Vermillion Vines Spa and Resort came away raving about the place. You could hardly stop them from vocalizing the praises of their hostess and the wonders of the hospitality. "I arrived at Vermillion Vines dispirited, with vague and vacuous feelings of ennui. It was as though some vandal had stolen my passion for life. A week of Veronica Vixen's mix of good food, relaxation and exercise and I am a new woman. I feel vital again, full of vim and vigor. My enthusiasm for life has been renewed. Some competitors questioned the validity and veracity of these testimonials, coming, as they did from a half dozen blond bomb-shells whose ages ranged between 25 and 30.  Others accused her of engaging in some kind of voodoo and demanded that some of these former guests validate their claims. The truth of the matter - using that term somewhat loosely - is that although the testimonials were something of a scam (six of  her daughter's colleagues in the fashion business had been given a free week in payment for speaking well of the place), the virtues they ascribed to Vermillion Vines were quite real. Lucky for Veronica, the negative attention of the controversy was quickly eclipsed by the true magic of her hospitality and the peaceful beauty - the vermillion vines were real - of the land on which the Spa was situated.  

My mini:

When the evil witch had turned her into a vixen using some kind of magical voodoo, Princess Veracity originally felt it was the worst possible thing that could happen. To her amazement, however, although the life of a fox was not easy by any means, she had never felt so vital and alive as she did in her current form. Not that she didn't hope to be returned to her human state, she very much hoped to be restored to human form and to be married to Prince Hubert. None-the-less, she felt it was a valid statement to say that the past four months living as a fox had been some of the best times of her life. That said, she was ready to go home, have a hot bath, a good meal and plan her wedding. Even if it was good in the short term, the virtue of living as a fox had it's limits and they were just about up, particularly since hunting season was approaching and she did not fancy that there would be any upside at all to experiencing the fox-side of a hunt. Nope. She was ready to go home.

And the 10-word:   

Now that I am reaching antiquity, I am waiting for the promised virtues of old age to start materializing. I thought being old was supposed to make me wiser. Instead, I find I am often somewhat vague and vacuous in my thoughts. My vim and vigor is vacationing somewhere with some young person. And the blows to my vanity are awful! Blood vessels that look like thick vines now decorate my legs. The thick vermillion hair that made me so proud has turned to a dull gray.... and it's THIN. I, alas, am not thin. I feel like a visitor in this body that used to be my friend. So I'm here today to vocalize what others won't tell you. Age is a vandal that never stops stealing from you. I won't say it's all bad - there are some freedoms that come with falling apart - but I refuse to validate the myth that was passed down to me about how awesome it is to get old. It was a con job. That said, it beats being dead... at least so far. So here's my advice. Enjoy your youth. Bask in it. Savor each minute of each day. And keep doing that every day because if you come to old age that way, you won't be disappointed because you will know how to live one what is and not on empty promises. Or that's what I think.


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  key, why, balance of power, the motor is running, yesterday, creaky chair, steel, hook, longing, pretzel

And for the mini:  oxen, merchandise, comfort zone, plastic bottles

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.


CJ said...

I posted my story. Will be checking back to read yours later.

CJ said...

Hi again. Although you say you struggled after your mega-challenge, I actually loved your 5 & 10-word efforts. I'm not much into fantasy, but I loved the princess/fox story. And although you say the latter was not autobiographical, it sounded like MY autobiography.

I started feeling my age when I was approaching 50 ---half a century sounded SO old. and I think I spent nearly a decade mildly depressed about it. When my husband turned 60, I felt like I was married to a very old man, even though I would be hitting 60 a year and a half later. But, once I retired at age 62, I felt so much better. I think it is because, although I can't afford to do everything I'd like to do, I don't have to do many things I don't want to do and can do lots of things I enjoy ---things that cost almost nothing. I like to write. I read tons of books from the library. I take zilliions of photos which I enjoy enhancing digitally. I make ATCs, Artist Trading Cards, tiny works of art to trade with other artists. (I am using the tons of art supplies I've gathered over the years, so don't need to buy much.) As a senior I can take free credited classes from the community college. Since I am interested in nearly everything, there is always something I enjoy learning about. I joined a bunch of Meetup groups (photographers, ATCs, foreign language enthusiasts, investors & more) so I could have somewhere to go almost any day of the week, although I limit myself to just a few a month. My husband and I walk nearly every day and watch a movie every night ---from the library or Netflix, Hulu, or ---since we have chosen to forego cable.

But last year I splurged on a trip. I had served in the Peace Corps in Brazil (1967-69) and had always planned to go back, but never had the opportunity. The other Volunteer who served with me and I traveled to Brazil last August to visit our friends and former students. It was an amazing experience which you can read about if you're interested:

Anyway, I am now happily retired and enjoying nearly every minute of it.

The Bug said...

I enjoyed these "V" stories - great job! Now I'm off to check out CJ's (which was my dad's nickname for my mom!).