Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Daily Reminder # 41

I thought I'd go with a change of pace today and add some music into the mix. Back in the old days when I went to Church on a regular basis, I remember passionate conversations with some of my fellow congregants on the subject of miracles. Some of them believed that there were no longer what they called "biblical miracles." I disagree on that. I think there are plenty of things that would qualify in the so-called biblical category - reiki and prayer to name just two. But I am always stunned at how we seem to totally ignore the universe of miracles that surround our every day - from flowers to seasons to the "mere" fact of breathing.

I was so delighted the first time I heard Sarah McLachlan sing Ordinary Miracles. So nice to hear someone express my thoughts so clearly.

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • FANS!!!
  • Water
  • shade
  • coffee
  • showers
  • You-tube
  • music
  • kind friends

May Your Day Be Full Both
Ordinary and Extra-Ordinary


Anonymous said...

I visit your blog first time. It is so nice. I like the idea of your blog.

Sue said...

love that song, too, and that was a nice collection of images to go with it.

Argent said...

We do get complacent sometimes, don't we? Nice song and video. I'm grateful for:
my bed