Friday, July 16, 2010

Daily Reminder # 49

It's a beautiful world.

My back yard has been sort of stingy this year but today it was in a wonderfully bountiful mood and even though the filthy glass on my back door kind of messes with my photos (that and the fact that I need more zoom!), I thought I'd just share some of the joy of the wonders nature offered up at the back door this afternoon on the theory that a blessing shared is twice as delightful.

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • Margaret, who helps with shopping
  • Birds & critters who visit my back yard
  • Beauty
  • My camera
  • An old friend's voice on the telephone
  • cyberspace
  • The capping (hopefully) of the Gulf well

May Your Day Be Full of Beauty,
Joy and Other Miracles!


Janie B said...

Great nature shots. Love the blue jay.

Argent said...

You get such lovely critters visiting your yard! We don't get them - the odd bird now and then. I think the platoon of Japanese soldiers hiding in the long grass scares everything away. I'm grateful for:

It's Friday!
TV Comedy (my 2 favorite ones are on tonight)
The internet