Thursday, July 01, 2010

Daily Reminder #35

Everything blossoms in its turn.

I love the way the flowers in my yard take turns.... first the daffodils and crocuses then forsythia, followed by my flowering quince. Next there are roses and then then the tiger lilies and last (in my yard) the lavender flowers of the hosta bush. Every year they remain true to themselves but every year they are also different.

Too often we become so focussed on cultivating our inner rose that we miss the blooming of our inner lily.

We focus so on a narrow vision of our creativity or our life's purpose that we don't see that what we have to offer as individuals is so much more complex than "nurse," or "singer," or "rescuer," or "writer" or...

Like the miraculous diversity of our back yards, our inner beauty is made more wonderful because of the complexity of our Spirit's journey. Humor, passion, sorrow, inspiration, grief, joy each enrich the amazing mosaic of who we are. We treat parts of ourselves like weeds that should be pulled when they really are part what makes us vibrant and real and amazing. I know out in my back yard, I really miss the bees and the dandylions this year.

For so much of my life I was taught to condemn huge aspects of myself... my anger, my joy, my tears... What a waste of precious time that was... and how destructive to my inner ecosystem.

So these days, I'm trying to appreciate the variety of feelings and thoughts and blossomings of Spirit that live inside me and have their moments in the flow of time and that bloom never the same twice, though they are the same flower.

(I hope I'm making sense. I'm kind of torturing this analogy a bit and trying to be all poetic because I don't actually have a lot to say.... Oops... dandylion plucked.... Please ignore the woman behind the curtain.... )


Some things I am grateful for today:

  • showers
  • clean litter boxes
  • another lovely cooler day
  • flowers
  • seasons
  • my monthly stipend

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Janie B said...

Made perfect sense to me! Good thoughts, as usual.