Monday, July 26, 2010

Daily Reminder # 58

Well, I was trying to take the lazy way out and just post some pictures and a couple of poems but the universe (or at least blogger or maybe Google chrome) seems bent on making it very complicated. Things are coming out blue and/or underlined and I keep trying to take out the coding which has appeared for no reason that I understand and it keeps coming back, so it is taking me forever to do it the easy way. The Universe is no piker in how it deals with cheaters. I have no idea why the text (except for the captions) is different colors. Baffled. Totally. Sigh. By the way, if you click on the pictures you can see them larger. I don't know if this improves them, but they will be bigger.

I call this little bird Willie (he's the only one I've named)
He's sort of homely and gawky and makes me think
of a book by Norman Rockwell that was called
WILLIE WAS DIFFERENT about a thrush who
sang his own song much to the consternation of
his fellow thrushes... Sorry this is such a long caption.

My friend Dan came by today and did me two great kindnesses. He found a bunch of Angel's lost toys (happy kitty) and he washed my front window and back door, so it no longer looks like my photos have been shot through fog. Ah... and the back yard was in an exceptionally generous mood. I almost posted 20 pictures but controlled myself and saved some for later. So anyway, no great or small words of wisdom or ponderous efforts at deep thinking.... just poetry, photos and gratitude.

Not a great photo, but isn't that wing awesome?
Who knew the flicker was hiding that beautiful yellow?

The answer is believing
There is no power
But the joy of
Of lighting the world
Not with answers
But with questions
Moving in the circle of eternity
Flowing in the trinity of time
Which does not exist
One in the same
Like the droplets of a wave
Separable and inseparable
Mystical and magical
Calling to the eye of the heart

- Katherine E. Rabenau

Willie again..
It is not the knowing which matters
But the seeking after
The need to see the dark side of the moon
To touch the bottom of the sea

The answer always seems a little pale
A little disappointing
Beside the miracle of curiosity
But the riddle teases on and on
And we forget
That only the questions are real.

- Katherine E. Rabenau

Some things I'm grateful for today:

my camera
clean windows and back door
my kind friend Dan
cooler air
Angel and Tara Grace
my back yard

This bunny was so sweet and came close enough
for some good pictures. He sat for quite a while -
even in the pouring rain at one point before
hopping off. The hopping off photos aren't
very good, but I liked the "action" in it.

May your day be rich in beauty
and large and small miracles.


Janie B said...

Great. Have a good day today!

Argent said...

Praise be for good friends and clean windows. You are very lucky to have all this nature going on in your yard. Your poems are very good (poetry bus - just saying :-))