Sunday, July 18, 2010

Daily Reminder # 51

Life is incredible.

What an awesome universe we live in. Butterflies - which seem so fragile and ephemeral actually migrate thousands of miles each year. They start out as fuzzy worms and quietly transform into these amazing fluttery beings. It's pretty incredible. Life is pretty darned awesome. I think I'll leave it at that tonight and add a poem.

Cry against the dark night of shining tears
Whose source you do not know
Joy and sorrow
Blending in rivers of no source, no end
The restless stillness of life's passing

Cry against the dark night of dreamless sleep
And sleepless dreams
All levels blending into something else
Can rainbow colors see themselves or
know their hues?
Where is the light I seek (too bright to bear)
The light whose music sings a soul to joy
Unlocks some caged and cowering power within
The light that is my soul and more
The light toward which I am perpetually turning,
And turning too away
My blindness frightened at the prospect of
such vision

Cry against the dark pain of all this loneliness
Our frail forms groping forth and falling back
Almost, but not quite, touching on the hand of God
Almost, but not quite, hearing the voice within

Cry for the unanswered prayers
The ones we do not know we make
Which the Universe, therefore, cannot answer
Cry for what we think we seek
Mistaking our own shadows for the face of God

Cry for the dark night of shining tears
For that imperfect strife which is mortality
Cry for the vision that remains unseen and out of reach
Within us.

Katherine E. Rabenau

Some things I'm grateful for today:
  • water
  • my mattress
  • naps
  • popcorn
  • netflix
  • butterflies and bunnies

Have a Wonderful Day!

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Janie B said...

Butterflies are such happy creatures. Their short lives add so much beauty to our world.