Thursday, July 22, 2010

Daily Reminder # 55

Change is often uncomfortable. Painful even. Sometimes change seems like the Universe has just got things wrong or like you are being punished. But change is just change and I have found that the worst trials often bring with them the best gifts. Still, this is the kind of day when I bring out the "Thank You for Everything, I Have No Complaints Whatsoever" mantra and repeat it a lot.

There has been another tree tragedy. This is a much smaller one than the one that lightning took two years ago, but it is still a big old pine tree. Luckily, I think this time the half that remains standing will survive. I sure hope so. It cost a small fortune and a good deal of high drama to take down the 60 foot half that remained standing. More than money, though, I still miss the tree. It was beautiful and made my yard a little haven from the rest of the world.

The loss of my tree brought a gift with it, though. It introduced me to my new neighbors and to then 11-year-old Shannon who became my friend and frequent visitor. At 13 now, I see a good deal less of her, but she still drops in from time to time.

I don't know if today's loss will come with a gift. Maybe it will bring more birds to my yard like it did last time. But I hate seeing trees die. It's such a sad thing.

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • the direction in which my tree fell
  • that half of it is still standing and looks like it will survive
  • a kind neighbor who will help me clear it away
  • cool air that follows rain
  • good news for one of my friends
  • life
  • the thank you mantra
  • things that make me laugh

Thank You for Everything.
I Have No Complaints Whatsoever.


Argent said...

It is a shame when trees die. We're lost all our over the years - although our neighbour has a huge one that is still growing.

I'm grateful for
Apple & Mango squash (delicious)
A good night's sleep
My kitties

Argent said...

PS - 'squash' is a drink made by adding water to a cencentrate. Not sure what these are called in US.