Friday, July 02, 2010

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge: Week 116

It's week 116 of the Weekly Wordzzle Challenge. I'm not feeling very well today so I'm going to set the framework to post and if I can get my paragraphs written, they will be there, but they may not appear until tomorrow. Yikes! I repeated a word, didn't I? Good thing Argent has sprung to the rescue and supplied the words for next week. Well, it's late and I managed to write a mega tonight but think I will have to wait until tomorrow to do more. Don't know if it's that I don't feel well or that these were exceptionally tough words, but getting anything written at all took a lot out of me today. Whew. Look forward to reading others. Thanks Again to Argent for next week's words. Saturday update: Feeling much better today. Off to read what others have done.

The words for this weeks 10-word challenge were: easy come easy go, charcoal, flute, sugar plum, signs, side effects, gymnastics, operation, credit card, wings and for the mini: operation, hair, brick wall, flamingo, porch

My mega:

Fred Flute could never get over how when his daughter Meggy - Sugar Plum he called her - did her gymnastics it was like she had wings. She had overcome so much already in her young life, yet she moved and flew with such grace and seeming ease - and with such profound joy. It never ceased to amaze him that this beautiful, gifted young woman with the long charcoal-black hair was part of him. She was so amazing. From the day of her birth she had blinked up at him and the brick wall around his heart had shattered into a million pieces. He and his wife had doted on Meggy. She became their world. When Barbra had been the first to see the signs that all was not well, he had When they had told him she needed an operation, he felt like the earth had stopped. His old easy come easy go attitude about money and credit cards changed in an instant. There was nothing he wouldn't and didn't do to protect his Sugar Plum, to make her smile. He worked three jobs, built a special rehab room on the porch (it looked out on the neighbors plastic flamingos and was therefore dubbed "The Flamingo Room), talked her through the side-effects of her medications and watched in awe as she not only overcame her handicap but became a star gymnast. Proud Papa didn't half describe him. Whether she came in first or 50th in competitions, she was a winner in his book. That she often came in first, was just icing on the cake.

My 10-word:

Martin Mulligan desperately hoped that the side-effects of all the gymnastics he was doing - the aches and pains were excruciating - at the local spa as part of Operation Win Sugar Plum's Heart were going to bear fruit though as yet there was no sign that the beautiful Melinda knew he was alive. He didn't know how life could be so cruel. Just the flute-like tones of her voice gave his heart wings. He wanted to toss rose petals in her path and had in fact contemplated checking with the local florist about the cost of such a venture. He did not normally have an easy come easy go attitude about money, but for Melinda, he thought, he would max his credit card to the skies if only she would turn those blazing charcoal eyes (his sister had told him that's what they were called) and smile on his pining heart. His sister had also suggested that he try asking her out, but he didn't feel ready yet. She was so beautiful and he was so... ordinary. If only he had known that Melinda, who felt herself quite ordinary as well, made up excuses to pass by his desk and in fact turned her charcoal eyes on him with some regularity, hoping beyond hope that he would notice her. Luckily for them, an angel in the guise of his sister eventually found a way to get them past pining for one another into an actual meeting. They named their first child after her and never forgot to do what they could to make her life as happy as theirs.

My mini:

Operation Flamingo had hit a brick wall. Mrs. Sanderson, apparently sensing the impending flamingo theft, seemed to have taken up permanent residence on her porch. What the boys didn't realize (being young and foolish) was that she had indeed sensed their plans but rather than wasting her time keeping watch had created a sort of scare crow (scare boy?) using one of her wigs and and old manikin. This was one of those times when having bright red hair was a real advantage. She actually didn't much like the flamingo and would have been glad to see it go, but at the moment, she was enjoying the game too much to let them take it.


Many thanks to Argent for giving me a break and adding some fresh words for next week's challenge. Word volunteers are always welcome.

Words for next week's 10-word challenge are: smoothly, spiders, floor boards, eggs, carpet, moonshine, leaping, CD, purring, jewel

And for the mini: spotlight, canvas, kitty, money-box, eye-drops

Thank you for playing! Newcomers can check here for some guidelines (and they are only guidelines, not rules) to make the process more fun.
Enjoy! See you next week!

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Gwei Mui said...

The mega or the uber wordzzle is great I might take a stab at this next round up. I love the flow of this tale it's really gentle and I think the ending is really neat the idea that Papa loved her whatever and that she was a winner whatever is a great message.

Argent said...

Your story about Meggy and her Dad has such warmth in it. I'll be back for the rest... I wish I could send you some nice healing like you did for me.

Argent said...

Phew! I'm back and my post is up. I love your romantic stories, they're so tenderly written. I also liked the feisty Mrs Sanderson character and her flamingo. The words were toughies this week and I'm now looking in some trepidation at my offerings for next week. Hope others can do well with them and I hope you're feeling better.

The Bug said...

I'm back from our trip. Sorry I missed participating this week - but maybe not since the words look like doozies! I'll try to get something written for next week.

I enjoyed your stories a lot - especially the last one.