Saturday, September 06, 2008

Genius! And Very Funny Too

The Daily Show is always clever, often funny and once - well recently twice - in a while they offer presentations of pure genius. If you missed these two skits, you are in for a treat. If you saw them already you are still in for a treat. They are brilliant... and really funny. Enjoy!

Ok... for some reason the videos aren't showing up... Here are is the URL for the first clip. PLEASE watch it. It's BRILLIANT. It compares the Republican pundits discussing the gender issue pre and post Sarah Palin.

Here is the URL for the second segment on McCain's acceptance speech. It does side by side comparison with Bush's acceptance speech. Eye-opening and very funny too.


Dianne said...

the Daily Show is always wonderful and often just plain amazing.

I adore Jon

Kimmie said...

Thank You Raven for making me laugh!!! That was a very funny video. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!


I don't know if you saw the note in the previous post, but I have something for you at my blog.

Anndi said...

Jon Stewart is BRILLIANT!

Dr.John said...

Yes I saw them and thougt they were funny at the time.
I also saw the oner's he did on the Democratic convention which I know won't show up here.
The nice thing about Jon is he see's hypocrisy where it is not just where he wants it to be.

Raven said...

dianne - I really enjoy both the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. I thought these two were among the most brilliant things they have every done.

kimmie - glad to make you laugh even by proxie....

anndi - I agree

dr. john - your comment seems to imply that I'm being unfair. I'm not a reporter or a TV show. I'm a partisan citizen who doesn't want someone like John McCain to promote military, social and economic polices that I think are wrong and destructive to my country and the world. Are Democratic politicans sometimes hypocritical? Yes. They are politicians. Do I think they are as hypocritical and flat-out dishonest as Mr. McCain who's ads act actually lie? No, I don't.

I think Mr. McCain isn't who he used to be. In my opinion he has sold his soul to get elected. I don't think Mrs. Palin - whether she's a swell hockey mom or not - is qualified for the job she is running for.

Obama was not my first choice but he is WAY more my choice than McCain. He does have the interest of people like me in mind. And I like him and I like Joe Biden. I don't think they are perfect. I'd have voted for Dennis Kucinich if it were possible. It's not.

Anyway, long answer. On the hypocrisy scale, I think the Republicans way, way, way, way way outclass the Democrats. And they are just nasty. I watched both conventions. Dems felt no need to diminish Mr. McCain personally. They said they don't agree with him. The nasty stuff. Big yuck factor in my book.

Anyway... I'm not trying to be neutral. I think George Bush is the worst thing that has every happened to my country and I think McCain is more of the same.

Shelly said...

Hey girl, my computer is going reeeally slow today so I couldn't get the videos. I popped on over because I read your comment over at Roberts about not posting your kitchen photo because you would have to clean it. I'm not going to clean mine...yup, I'm gonna post a dirty kitchen sink - and I dare you to do the same - deal? I think we should keep it real man...or am I just lazy? Hmmmm.

Shelly said...

BTW...I just read your response to Dr. J - I agree with you. McCain isn't who he used to be...there was a time when I sorta liked him, and now he scares the heck outa me.

Raven said...

hi shelly - I'll think about your dare. I took some pictures a couple of years ago when I first moved in and the forces of grime and darkness had not yet taken over. I might chicken out and use those.

I think McCain is very sad. I used to admire him. I am on polar opposite sides of the polictical spectrum from him. At his best I would not have wanted him as President, but I think I could have lived with it. Not now, though.

Carletta said...

Me and Hubs watch Jon Stewart every day!