Monday, September 15, 2008

Let's Be FOR Obama, Not Against Palin

Well, it's Monday, which should mean The Alphabet Backwards for me... only the letters B and A left to go, but I think I want to write about something more important today.

Sometimes - it takes being reminded of something you know by someone else to really move your brain back into place. Michelle over at Full Soul Ahead did that for me yesterday. She reminded me of about The Law of Attraction and how this applies even in things like politics. The Law of Attraction basically says that (as the Hawaiian mystics put it) "energy flows where attention goes." I believe this and I try to remind myself of it regularly, but I'm as susceptible to psycho Republican games as anyone else and I fall off the Law of Attraction wagon a lot.

Sarah Palin is awful. She may be a nice woman. I'm not sure I think that. She's pretty nasty and comfortable with telling lies for a nice woman. I've done some reading on her. She's pretty comfortable with cronyism, calling people who don't agree with her "haters," secrecy (never a good sign that someone is on the up and up), religious fanaticism... a host of things that make me very uncomfortable. Here are some links that counter the media's bombardment of the air waves with how much everyone loves her.

The first is a blog called Women Against Sarah Palin. They apparently sent out an email on September 3rd requesting that women who weren't all thrilled with Mrs. Palin just because we share a gender with her, could share our thoughts as to why we think she wouldn't be such a good Vice President or President. As of yesterday when I went to the site, they had had over 100,000 responses. Then there's this article - called Alaska Women Reject Palin Rally is HUGE - I read it just before bed last night and it made me feel more hopeful again -

I have to toss this one more article - about at least one book Mrs. Palin did try to ban before she was mayor, while she was on the Wassila City Council.

Ok... got that out of my system. Thing is that creepy and whacky and uber-right wing as Sarah Palin is, her presence, the liberal (including mine) reaction to her, and the absurd press coverage, have totally obscured the actual main participants in the contest for President. We seem to be talking constantly and almost exclusively about Sarah Palin and very little about policy, John McCain, or - most importantly - Barack Obama. The Republicans, the media and liberals ourselves - have taken the wind from our own sails. We've stopped being for Obama and started being against Palin. If anything proves the principle of the Law of Attraction, the rise in the McCain/Palin poll numbers should do it. Let's get back to being FOR Senator Obama, the man who is FOR health care for all people, the man who wants to lower taxes on 90% of the population, the man who wants to restore diplomacy and peace, the man who wants to restore integrity and a respect for the law of the land, the man who won't find reasons to justify torture. Let's get back to being FOR hope instead of AGAINST creepy people unworthy of a moment's waste of breath, let alone high office.

I'm not saying that it isn't important to learn about Palin and to put as much information as possible about her out there. But let's get back to being FOR Barack Obama, for hope, for health care, for a balanced budget, for integrity, for women's rights, for sex education, for better schools, for the environment, for green jobs, for raising people up out of poverty. If we do that, what we are against will lose it's steam and it's power.

Even now, I have to fight my impulse to talk about what I don't want more of for my country. It's such an easy trap to fall into. The Republican machine has waved a shiny object in our own and the faces of it's own party - and we have all forgotten that this contest is between an aging former hero who has nothing to offer but more of the same and a young, vital, intelligent, creative, thoughtful, decent, honorable, passionate and compassionate man who offers not just hope, but true change for the better. Let's get back to being FOR him and attract him right into the White House.

I thought I'd repost my twin tanka's from yesterdays OSI post since they seem pertinent to the subject.

I'm FOR hope. I'm FOR change. I'm FOR peace. I'm FOR decency and integrity. I'm FOR Barack Obama.


San said...


The operators who run the McCain campaign machinery are quite intuitive. They know just how to attack people's vulnerability and hypnotize them into believing in something that doesn't exist. They are counting on people's laziness, their reluctance to check facts and study the issues. Scary.


Anonymous said...

I think this is one of the most important points anyone has made about the election so far. Let me amend that, not just the election, but the trying times we are going through on all fronts. I'm working on a post right now along the same lines, about the imortance of keeping our thoughts focused on what we want, not what we don't. I don't think this can be stressed too much. Thanks for an excellent post!

Carletta said...

'Energy flows where attention goes' - I like that.
I do love your convictions!

Travis Cody said...

Nicely put.

Anonymous said...

Dear Raven--
Thank you for your passion--and your willingness to jump out there with it--
You are yourself sowing seeds of honesty and forthrightness...

Thanks for visiting my site, too!


Shrijnana said...

Another great post, Raven. You've inspired me to try to write something about the election, too. I've been reluctant because I've been so caught in what I'm against right now and I didn't want to give voice to that. Thank you for helping restore a productive dialogue.

Dianne said...

I'm FOR Raven!

thanks for the reminder, clearly we all needed it.

I just caught a chunk of the Feminist Majority PAC press conference on C-Span (bless C-span or I'd never get news).

They have come out FOR Obama/Biden and they are addressing the election in terms of issues FOR all women. NOT the ONE woman in the race.

I'm going to catch the full press conference tonight and then post about it. Divajood tagged me for a political meme and I think this will fit in nicely there.

Anonymous said...

I would agree. I want the Obama ticket to win but I am also afraid that they might not! I have even written about Palin and the concerns I have.

Your approach if wonderful. I should just stop thinking so much!!!


rebecca said...


Okay, that should do it....

Good article and I agree!

Dr.John said...

The title was wonderful. I applaud it.
Too bad you couldn't stop yourself from denigrating Palin instead of lifting up Obama.

Raven said...

Thanks everyone.

dr. john - telling the truth about someone is not the same as denegrating them. You might want to do some reading on Palin's record. Check out her actual record on the bridge to nowhere. Check out trooper-gate and her actions regarding that. Check out who she has hired and fired and why. You might consider checking out McCain's record in the Senate over the past 8 years too. But I think you are one of the people who still defends Bush's record, so maybe don't waste your time on that one as McCain has backed Bush in almost all things.

storyteller said...

Methinks you’ve got the right idea … focusing on what we believe in and hope for rather than fearing the alternatives. Thank you …
Hugs and blessings,