Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some Balanced Reporting

PBS is running a series of "close-ups" on each candidate, looking at different aspects of how each of them operates. I think they are very balanced and very well done. I wish that I could embed them here, but all I can do is provide links. These can be read as text or viewed in video format.

This first pair is on each man's approach to decision making. Please note that this links you to the text version. These are available in video format. The connection is in the little blue bar near the photo of each candidate.

Here's the link for McCain.

Here's the link for Obama.

These are free of all the political slime that taints most coverage. I think they are very revealing about both men. The report on each man speaks to a wide variety of people, mostly those who support and work with the candidate being discussed because they are the people who understand their working style. I found them very informative and enlightening.

Here's a link to their Presidential Race page, which offers a great deal of information on all the candidates.

I wanted to provide a link for something called which is a non-partisan group that monitors both campaigns. Their site seems to be down. I'll keep checking and when it is up again, I'll add it.

I know I'm being all polite and impartial here, but I'm still FOR Barack Obama and Joe Biden.


Anonymous said...

Raven, I really appreciate these links, gave them one read-through and will go over them again I'm sure, there's so much there. Love the humor vids, too. The perfect antidote to all this political brow-knitting!

Carletta said...

Thanks for the links Raven - it's always good to compare even if you know who you're voting for - leverage when asked Why?