Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some Political Entertainments....

Please scroll down for Ruby Tuesday....

Well, the heroes in Les Miserables didn't fare so well, but, I think this is very clever anyway, it was part of an article at Huffington Post which I think is well worth reading.

Just in case anyone isn't clear about it yet,
I'm FOR Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Those other people want to continue what's been happening for the past 8 years and I don' t think that's a good idea at all because:

I'm for health care for all people,
I'm for better education for our children,
I'm for relief for the poor and middle classes,
I'm for taking action to heal the environment,
I'm for lowering the taxes of the 90% of us who need the help
I'm for green jobs,
I'm for a return to decency
and at least a passing acquaintance with the truth,
I'm for a woman's right to choose
I'm for the Constitution
I'm for medical and psychological treatment military personnel
I'm for a living wage for people who work hard
I'm for compassion
I'm for keeping people in their homes
I'm for international moral accountability
I'm for honoring the laws of the land
I'm for respecting all life
I'm for world Peace

I'm for Barack Obama

Backsliding a little here in my BE FOR campaign, but I thought this was pretty funny


Dr.John said...

A good clear statement of why you are voting the way you are voting. I hope Obama does not disappoint you.

Carnal Zen said...

Thank you for not being afraid to blog about politics. It affects us all - even those who don't vote.

Dianne said...

tina fey hit it out of the park lol

I'm FOR all you are FOR

I noticed that, as the economy collapses more each day, Obama picks up again in the polls

I don't really trust polls. I'm in market research, trust me - a lot can and does go wrong in polls.

I just found it interesting that people can go back and forth depending on the moment - I truly think America needs remedial education and a freakin' attention span.