Friday, November 21, 2008

Gratitude, Day 21

Well, I was wondering what I was going to write this morning. I didn't want to get out of bed despite the fact that it's a gorgeous (but very cold) day outside. Even my cats, who have learned to have a fair amount of patience about breakfast, were getting antsy. I was waffling back and forth between gratitude and self pity and feeling a touch sorry for myself. (Things like "if I'm this wobbly at 61, what will I be like at 80?.... I had the potential for sliding into a woe is me day.) And then I opened my email.

Some of you may remember that I mentioned Dennis F. Puffett, the healer in Australia in my Wednesday post (Gratitude, Day 19). Well, I don't know if people checked him out or quite how, but he found out what I had written and asked if he could quote me. He wrote me a lovely note. He and his wife have been married for 62! years. He's 84 and she has just turned 88. Besides doing his healing work, he writes children's books and poetry. (You can find information at his website.) He also said he feels like his healing gifts are underused. So all of you who feel shy asking for a free gift, please know that this man loves doing this work. He wants to help more people. You have nothing to lose by writing to him. All you have to do is email him with your name, your age, general location (nation, and county or town), and what you want help with and how long the condition has existed. Here's a link the the page with his email address and the instructions. Then he zaps you with good energy, emails you to let you know he has done so and you hopefully feel better. And all it costs you is the three minutes it took you to write the email. Nothing to lose and much to gain.

But I'm getting all disorganized writing this. I was so delighted to get this lovely note from Mr. Puffett... and glady agreed to him quoting me as an endorsement. I told him that I recommend him often (many of you know that I do) . I thought it was sad that he was feeling underused and asked if I could use his photo (doesn't he look like Santa Claus?) and that I'd write another post about him in the near future. I hadn't really planned on doing it quite so soon, but... when he wrote back to say yes I could use his photo, he also gave me the gift of a special extra focused healing for my gums and they are WAY better this morning... I mean truly better. This makes me very happy. Wow. But the gift doesn't stop there. I am being gifted with the one thing that Mr. Puffett charges for... and it's SOOOO cool. He does a kind of healing on houses. As I wrote back to him, this is one of the things on my "when I win the lottery" list. I would have my house done and the houses of everybody I know. Viviane L., A friend of mine in Greece had her house done (that's how I heard about Mr. Puffett in the first place). She said the change wasn't what she expected, but the way she and her husband relate to each other and the way they operate around some thing which had been minor areas of contention shifted. She's very happy that she did it. So this morning I feel like a kid on Christmas and I'm very grateful. My gums don't hurt and I'm getting another cool present. How good is life!

But back to Dennis Puffett... As I said in my Wednesday post, Mr. Puffett has an amazing gift for healing. I do reiki and I'm pretty good at sending energy but not always quite so good at receiving. I always feel it when Dennis Puffet sends healing. The air around me changes. And I feel better. And it's free. Also free is the "Instant Healing Page." I really, really, really can't say enough good things about him and I really, really, really want everybody to check him out and experience the magic. So, please... anyone out there with aches and pains, with a serious illness or depression or whatever. Do something nice for yourself and for Dennis Puffett. Let him share his gift with you. I think you'll be really glad you did. I'm so grateful that he's out there and sharing his gift with such a generous and open heart.

Winter is here. Well below freezing. Snowing as I type.

And here are my healing hands from my reiki page

Have a wonderful day....

and allow yourself some free healing, just for the joy of it.


Chatty said...

You had mentioned him before - how nice that he got back to you, and that he wants to quote you. Congratulations on feeling better, and on your cool "house" healing. I will be sending him an email - definitely. Thanks!

Lulda Casadaga said...

Just sent my email to Dennis...thanks for the help. I have taken Reiki I and use it when I do massage. (I'm an MT, but mostly teach now) Anyway, it's always a challenge to teach the students about energy work! Some get it some don't!! :D

Have a wonderful weekend! And keep warm...