Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gratituded, Day 23

Well, it may seem like I'm scraping the bottom of the gratitude barrel here, but today I'm grateful for television.

First, I'm grateful that I have one that works, thanks to my friends who found me a free one to replace my antique and barely functioning model.

I live alone so TV for me is a kind of company. I'm more prone to listen than to watch because I'm addicted to my computer. Right now I'm listening to a PBS Sunday morning variation on talking heads called TO THE CONTRARY which features women only. I find it a grade above the standard talking head - why do I listen to this stuff? - but only a grade. My annoyance of the week is this whole mythology that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are "enemies." They campaigned against each other. She lost. That doesn't make them enemies. How old are all these people? Are they six and they think that if you disagree with someone they become your enemy? Yikes... But oops... here I am digressing from gratitude and starting a rant.

Still, I'm grateful that Barack Obama is a mature adult human who is too smart, too decent and too adult to live in a world of polarization, of enemies and pay-back. I think that will be one of the greatest gifts his administration will have to offer... the possibility of turning us back into one country again, where political differences aren't so divisive and where one can as he often says "disagree without being disagreeable." Bravo to that. I'm grateful that hard as the media wants to make us live in a world of enemies, we now have a president who intends to live in a world of "colleagues."

But back to being grateful for TV. I like TV. I know I'd be better off if I didn't turn it on so much, but I like it. I like being annoyed by soap operas and talking heads. (I guess this says something about me.) I like PBS and Masterpiece Theatre and many good things TV has to offer. And sometimes I just like being entertained. I'm grateful that I live in a century where the computer and the TV bring the world to me. What a wonderful blessing that is.

Along with TV, I'm SO grateful for the VCR and DVD players that, along with Netflix (see me positively oozing gratitude for Netflix), bring movies right into my home. Wow. What a joy. I'm especially grateful for some of my favorite ever movies like
Babette's Feast
A Passage to India
Wag the Dog
Shawshank Redemption
Dead Poet's Society
These are old and what's coming to the top of my head, but they are also among my all time favorites. The gift of being able to plug a movie into your TV and watch it whenever you want to is pretty awesome. I'm so grateful to live in a time when that's possible.

Guess that's it for today. Here are a couple of pictures. Not my best, I'm afraid.

Have a wonderful day!


Travis Cody said...

It is so difficult, yet so worthwhile, to follow Mr Obama's example. I've found a clarity of purpose in rising above the divisive quality of most disagreements over the direction of this country. It's going to take a bit of time for everyone to come down from the last 8-12 years of purposely divisive politics.

But my motto holds...diversity need not be divisive. And I will continue to follow the example of our Presiden-elect. Although I backslide once in awhile, my commitment is clear.

And I love tv for sports and dancing shows!

Dianne said...

that last photo is stunning, love the narrow sun flare against the snow

I have to admit I'm pretty addicted to TV. I watch a whole slew of guilty secrets - from teen angst shows (my niece and I then snark over them) to to crappy night time soaps. And then there's PBS and football.

I'm trying not to be disagreeable but the economy has me very pissed off and my own situation is making me cranky.

Anonymous said...

Gratitude for the simple every day things we all take for granted isn't scraping the bottom of the barrel. It is a reminder that we live lives of privilege -- which we shouldn't take for granted.

Carletta said...

Not all of us might want to admit it but TV and computers and my cell phone keep me connected. I too am grateful for that.

I am grateful that Mr. Obama sought Hillary out to be part of his colleagues. I think it's a great choice.
Love your big puffy cloud - haven't seen many here the past few days.
I didn't get here till now but I hope you had a wonderful day.

gabrielle said...

I agree with Diane. The second photo is exquisite for the way that the distant fire illuminates the stillness of winter.

Babette’s Feast and Shawshank Redemption are in my top ten. A film that moved me to my core this past year is The Butterfly and the Diving Bell. Without giving too much away, it tells the story of a successful French fashion magazine editor who suffers a massive stroke at age 43. This leaves him paralyzed from the neck down. “Lock in syndrome”, the medical name for this state, serves as a perfect metaphor for the existential human condition. Jean learns to communicate painstakingly by blinking one eye and is ultimately able to dictate a book about his reflections. He compares his body to a deep sea diver being suffocated in a diving suit and his poetic imagination to a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. The film is a cinematic triumph and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. I can’t say enough about it.

Raven said...

Travis - you are my kind of people and a great role model. I agree that it will take time but I suspect it may be easier than we think. There is something so whole and grounded about Obama. He is a true model of what he says he stands for. He will use the bully pulpit, I think, to inspire.

dianne - I do love TV. Oddly, or maybe delusionally, being on SSD sort of cushions me from some of the worst of the economic goings on... I know my income is steady at least. I hope business picks up for you and that the financial stress eases.

quilly - thanks... that made me feel good.

Carletta - I'm glad he has tapped Mrs. Clinton too. I'm still not drawn into cell phones because I never leave home. I have mixed feelings about them, but I guess they are really handy.

gabrielle - I just went and added that movie to the top of my netflix list and look forward to seeing it. Sounds incredible.

Quiet Paths said...

I do enjoy your sky and tree/light through the trees - photos. There is just something about winter light which is very special. Kind of watery and brilliant both.

I think I've mentioned here before Babette's Feast is definitely in my top ten.

Let us know how the microwaving goes. Does it have lots of buttons?