Monday, November 17, 2008

Wordzzle Alert/Update

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Akelamalu at Everything and Nothing has pointed out to me that she thinks some or all of the words I posted for next week's Saturday Wordzzle Challenge are repeats, so...... I kind of think she's right but my brain has gone on vacation and doesn't feel like trying to prove it. Still, I think even though this may lead to some amount of chaos, I think I'm going to replace them. If anyone wants to use the ones I posted on Friday, I'm fine with that too.

Here is an alternative set of words for next week:

Ten words: pipe organ, ravages of time, lottery tickets, angelic music, five x five, boxes of books, flattery will get you nowhere, yodelling, pig tails, knitting needles

Mini challenge: canary yellow, grizzly bear, out of the frying pan into the fire, simpleton, Ministry of Crazy Walks

Thanks for pointing out my error Akelamalu.


Dianne said...

I love a 'wordzzle alert' - sounds so official!!

Please tell me there were sirens ;)

Raven said...

hi dianne - does have a kind of high drama sound to it, doesn't it? No sirens, alas, but a substantial dose of angst.

Dr.John said...

I think its wonderful you do the lists for us each week.
I noticed that five of the words were the same but so what the mixture was new.
So don't feel bad.
Now I have two lists. One for Friday. One for Saturday maybe?
In any case you have our gratitude, mine and Betty's.

Anonymous said...

Well, we'll know who reads you all week long and who only comes by on Saturday! ;)

Raven said...

dr.john - thanks... enjoy. For myself I only have enough ambition to do one set.

quilly - actually, I put a huge (well I think it's huge) notice on the Saturday site with a link to this post for anybody who goes back to Saturday to check the words.

Melli said...

Ah! Okay! Dr. John just let me in on this! I did think the words were repeats too... but they weren't an entire repeat of one list, so I wasn't going to say anything... But this is better! Thanks!

Akelamalu said...

Aw thanks for the new words Raven, I hope you didn't mind me pointing it out. :)