Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gratitude, Day 22

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It's a chilly Saturday and I've just finished reading through the wordzzles that have been posted so far this week. I'm awed at all the wonderful imaginative stories that wordzzles pull out of people and grateful that others get as much fun out of them as I do.

I'm grateful too today, that I'm warm and sung in my little house despite the fact that it's bitterly cold out - 19 degrees last I checked. Grateful too that the snow has stopped. I'm not really ready for this much winter this soon. Truth be told, I'm seldom ready for winter at any time, though I am grateful for the magic and variety of the seasons.

There's an odd thing that happens sometimes when I post. I know there's a reverse law of attraction thing going on because I notice that the days when I kind of obsessively care about a post being read are the days when nobody visits. This was the case with yesterday's gratitude post which I wrote about a man named Dennis Puffett. I'm trying to be grateful - well I AM grateful - that two people read it and said they were going to contact him, but that gratitude meets up with a more willful place in me. Things like Reiki and like Dennis Puffett's ability have had such a profound an life-changing impact in my life that I want EVERYBODY to experience them. And when I get that way, I start worrying that people won't read or won't like the post and also I lose sight of the fact that it isn't my call and just because it's important to me, I can't force it on other people. People will find it when they need it. Or they won't. We are each on our own journey. I also really want Dennis Puffett to be happy. Truth is, Mr. Puffett is very happy without my help. It's my ego at play here and not very nicely, either. Still, I'm grateful that cyberspace and the blogosphere being what they are, that I can ask anyone who missed yesterday's story about Dennis P. to check it out... and not seem (I hope) naggy or pushy. So today I'm grateful that I can be obnoxious in a void and not see people feel cranky with me.

I'm grateful too for how pretty the snow looks and that it's what I call "tasteful snow" - not too much, just enough to be pretty on the grass and trees but not on the roads. Not enough to require shovelling.

Guess that's it for today. I hope you are all warm and snug if you live in cold weather climates and cool and comfortable if you live on the opposite side of the world.

Have a wonderful day!

Not a very good picture, but I've been trying to catch this little guy going in
and out here for months. Finally did it. My windows REALLY need washing.


Travis Cody said...

I love the kind of snow you describe...the kind that doesn't make things too difficult.

Of course, I shouldn't be one to complain about snow. We just don't get that much in my area of Washington State.

Dr.John said...

Our snow has left for a short time. But winter is here.
Nice pictures of the squirrel .

Dianne said...

that little guy has a really nice house :)