Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gratitude, Day 13


Today I'm grateful for my hideous fuzzy robe that is my winter uniform. I have three of these robes. They are kind of ugly but they were cheap and they are warm. With them and a layer or two underneath them I stay pretty warm in winter. I don't know if it's because I'm a little under the weather or because I'm getting OLD, but I'm having a harder time sticking to 60 degrees this year. I may have to up the ante to 62 or 63. Still, that's pretty good. I have a kind of perverse pride in being able to keep my thermostat so low. Helps that my little house came with so much insulation. Boy am I grateful for that. My "new" (2 years old now!) windows help too. But back to the fuzzy robes. Cheap and very warm and comfortable. The gray one has little stars and hearts on it. I'm not big on patterns and the gray is kind of dull but it's better than the blue one which has some other thing on it that I hate so much I can't even remember what it is... BUT... they are warm and so I'm very very grateful for them.

I'm so grateful for my windows too which are two years old now. When I first moved into this house the windows were very old, small and at a height which made it virtually impossible for me to see out even standing up. I needed help from friends to exchange the screens and storm windows so I only replaced a couple of them and the front door my first year here. I'm so glad I let myself dream a little and I let the window people come to give me an estimate. I assumed when I did so that I wouldn't be able to afford fixing them. But then something wonderful happened. Even though fixing my windows doubled my debt, the window company refinanced my existing debt so that I wound up with new windows and lower monthly payments... plus a view and lower fuel bills. I give thanks every day for these windows. The cats love them and so do I. They even give me contact with my neighbors as they pass by. The man at the top of the hill has severe back problems and though he can walk, mostly he uses one of those mobility chairs. At present my house is not accessible to him, but he always waves when he goes past in his chair or in the car. It's a friendship of sorts made possible by my windows. His wife stops by the window some days with her grandson to visit Angel and to chat. I can take pictures and watch the squirrels and the birds and the world around me. What a profound gift these windows have been for me. And I'm grateful that Angel and Tara get great pleasure from them too.

And I see so many beautiful things out my windows. The photos below aren't very good, but they aren't photo-shopped, either. They were an effort to catch the gorgeous pink skies I see from my window some nights. My camera just can't capture it for real. It's so beautiful and I'm so grateful for that beauty and the the fact that I get to see it and at least try to share it.

Guess that's it for today. Hope you have a splendid day


Carletta said...

Your daily gratitude posts have made me look at my daily life and stop and be thankful too. You've reminded me how important it is to be grateful for the simple things that make life what it is.
Thanks for the reminder.
Hope you're feeling better today.

Dianne said...

I have a terry cloth robe that is sooooooooo old but I love it and can't/won't find a replacement.

I have the windows you used to have. I call them 'trailer windows' - they're set almost at the ceiling and I can only see out on my tippy toes. We ran out of money before we got to replacing them so all we could afford was to replace the frames and glass, at least that. To redo the size and framing was too big a job.

I'm grateful for your windows since I love your photos so much :)

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that your windows allow you to enjoy the world outside.
And I'm grateful for raven's nest which gives us a window to you.
Stay warm!

Unknown said...

I have personally seen the before/after transformation the windows gave you...certainly something to be grateful for!

I am grateful that my day in kindergarten is over! Although I loved it very much, my back will be happy that I'll be back among the "big" boys tomorrow!

Stay warm!

Dr.John said...

My wife has a robe like that which I gave her for Christmas some years ago.
Glad you are not isolated from the world. It is good to see people even if you can't touch them.
One of the things I like about blogging is it takes me to all kinds of places I know I will never be able to physically go.

Finding Pam said...

Raven, what a blessing for you with your windows and what a savings on your energy.

How much you and your cats must enjoy the view. I loved your pictures of the pink sky.

Stay warm and I will be back to see what words we are writing about this week. Blessings.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Hi Raven! I've posted a special Thursday Thirteen featuring your peace globe. Thanks again for allowing me to post it.

I clicked on your before & after windows - wow, what a difference. So glad you were able to swing it.

My husband has agoraphobia, as well. It's attached to his bipolar condition, and worsens or retreats as his condition cycles. We didn't realize the agoraphobic element for several years, but he would go through phases where he absolutely could not leave our apartment. Obviously he would miss work during these times.

Once we figured out the agoraphobia aspect, he worked out ways to lessen his stress when he has to go out. When he has to go to work, he calls a cab or I borrow my mom's car to give him a drive. He can get through it if he transfers from one indoor place to another, with the car as a bridge. Sometimes he needs to take Atavan to get himself out the door.

He only works part time, at Blockbuster, which is also part of our rearranging of things. A full time job just didn't work out, for us or for his employers. But part time really works well for him.

He's very lucky, because his overall state of health with his bipolar condition is very, very good. People are surprised to hear that he has agoraphobia, because they know he works and goes to stores and to the movies, etc. But they don't feel his entire body trembling when he has to leave the house, or see him break into a sweat or many other things that happen to him. Every single time he gets through the door, it's a battle.

I'm glad to meet you through the blogosphere, Raven. I'm very, very glad you're enjoying life and have started a gratitude series on your blog. I'm definitely grateful that you allowed me to post your peace globe over at my blog.

Felisol said...

Dear Raven,
I have been reading your gratitude posts with great awe.
"Don't you under the stars, complain of lacking bright spots." Norwegian author Wergeland, 160 years ago.
You've got a lot of his admirable fighting spirits.
I am grateful that my depressed daughter made it home today, flying zig-zag over Norway to reach us.
I am glad we had money for the plain ticket, and that she managed to make all reservations herself.
I am glad we shared chicken pizza and coca cola and candies and candlelights and a long good talk in the sofa.
I am glad that she stay here for some days and hopefully recover.
I am so glad we are together.
From Felisol

Linda Murphy said...

I think your lovely kitties are grateful for the windows too! And happy to see that so many of your readers are enjoying your gratitude's great!